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sundae float seeds

Sundae Float is glad to present Sundae Float by Cannarado Genetics, a robust and productive feminised marijuana Indica hybrid.

It is a super resin producer plant, resulting perfect for performing high aromatic concentrates to be consumed in your concentrates vaporiser or favourite eNail.

Sundae Float by Cannarado Genetics: Root Beer Float x Sundae Driver

It is a really original genetics, a cross between the super powerful and resinous Root Beer Float (XXX OG x Vanilla Kush) and Sundae Driver (Fruity Pebbles OG x Grape Pie).

This encounter results in an Indica dominant, bushy-growing, compact and robust plant with strong branches. This variety is very resistant to insect pests and fungi.

It develops short internodes and it is vigorous, which makes it well adapted both indoors and outdoors. By applying pruning and moulding techniques like SCROG or LST its performance can be maximised.

Sundae Float by Cannarado Genetics, super resinous and relaxing

It is ready for harvest in about 56-65 days of maturation, with a yield of up to 500g per m2 cultivated in an indoor grow tent, and a yield that can exceed 700g per plant cultivated outdoors in open ground.

It produces compact and highly resinous buds, offering a really particular terpenes profile reminiscent of sarsaparilla with creamy ripe fruit nuances.

It produces a powerful, relaxing and intoxicating effect, calming body and mind in a progressive and pleasant way, which can lead you to sleep if you smoke it during the night thanks to its high THC levels.

Sundae Float Cannabis Seeds

Sundae Float Cannabis Seeds from Cannarado Genetics

Sundae Float cannabis seeds by Cannarado Genetics are a new release from this pioneering American seed company.

Sundae Float is a balanced hybrid suitable for indoor or outdoor gardens in legal environments. Cannarado Genetics report flowering times of between 56-65 days, and plants lean toward indica traits, with vigorous branching and prolific growth.

Flavours are a unique blend of dank sarsaparilla from the exclusive pheno of the Root Beer Float and creamy fruit from the Sundae Driver. A very unusual terpene profile that is made more appealing by the heavy resin production from Sundae Float – perfect for extraction artists.

This potent strain has achieved some very high THC percentages during Cannarado’s testing process. Sundae Float is sure to be very popular with collectors of unusual crosses and fans of Rocky Mountain cannabis in general.