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super cheese seeds

Super Cheese Express Auto Feminised Seeds – 5

Super Cheese Express is the fast, auto-flowering version of Positronics’ own Super Cheese which was crossed with Afghan Express. This is an indica-dominant strain with amazing hybrid vigour and which is really easy to grow even for noobs. Fast to mature with a great taste and effect.

This is a very hardy, squat plant with broad, typically-indica leaves on strong stems.The internodal distance is short to medium which provides plenty of bud sites. Its buds put on a lot of weight and have great density therefore a lot of care should be taken if conditions become very humid or damp as the plant closes in on maturity otherwise mould could seriously affect the crop. Total grow time is 65 – 70 days from germination through to harvest. Yields are moderate with 65 – 100 gr/m 2 indors and 75 – 100 gr/plant when cultivated outdoors.

Both the flavour and perfume of this plant’s buds have that “must-have” cheese quality. The effect is very potent, all the more so considering its ruderalis genetic input. It delivers a really pleasant, uplifting and euphoric feeling that will have fans coming back for more time after time.

Super Cheese

Alchimia introduces the Super Cheese from Positronics Seeds, a mostly Indica hybrid that will not grow much, but will provide good harvests. We find in this strain smells and tastes from this Skunk selection who turned Cheese in such a famous genetics. Now available Alchimiaweb!

The Super Cheese is an ‘old school’ strain. For getting this variety, two different origin Cheese were crossed, providing more stability while maintaining at the same time the significant features of the Cheese cannabis strain.

This genetic grows bushy, low and thick, but will provide bumper harvests, up to 400gr/m2 for fast flowering that will not exceed 70 days indoors. Outdoors it may be harvested from the second week of October where it will develop a full with a southern exposure and a good quantity of sunlight hours. It will be preferable to hold the branches with canes, that may break because of the weight of the buds.

It is an easy to grow plant that will adapt well to imperfect conditions. Its flowers are quickly covered with a thick layer of white resin. The buds are large, compact, with very few leaves, which will easy the manicuring work. Purple colors may appear at the time of harvest. Its odor during flowering will be strong, and it’s recommended to use a carbon filter during this life stage of the plant.

Once harvested the plant the smells released by the Super Cheese will remind us the Dutch 80s coffeeshops. The flavor will be as strong as the smell, sweet and sour, like some aged cheeses, hence its name. This variety will be suitable for resin extractions.

The effect will be relaxing and sensitive; Super Cheese will be advised in the framework of a therapeutic use of marihuana. It will be advised to consume it when we don’t have anything to do because it may be slightly incapacitating.