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The White Seeds

The White seeds, also known more commonly as “Triangle Kush” to most of the cannabis community, is an indica dominant hybrid (85% indica/15% sativa) strain with unknown genetics due to breeder secrecy. This bud gets its name not from a White Widow parentage, but from the appearance of its dewy white buds when they are ready to harvest. The name “Triangle Kush” comes from the three cannabis-producing capitals in Florida – Jacksonville, Miami, and Tampa. This

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More about The White Seeds


Scent: Lemon, pine, hashy

Flavor: Hints of mild pine, musk, and spice

Flowering Time: 8-9 weeks

Yield: Moderate

Type: Indica Dominant

Genetics: unknown, but some speculate it’s a Triangle phenotype (OG Kush x Purple Kush x Master Kush)

The White family

White Widow is a very famous cannabis strain created in the 90’s by Australian Shantibaba, characterized by its high power and its classic flavor that develops in all its shoots.

White Widow is now called Black Widow by its creator.

You can read this article on the White Widow strain for further details.

You will find here varieties of this category with at least 50% of White Widow genetics.

There are 91 products tagged as White genetics

Niagara – Doctor’s Choice

Niagara from Doctor’s Choice has splashed down here at Alchimia, a feminised autoflowering Indica variety that produces large, compact buds completely coated in resin, an ideal choice for making cannabis concentrates.Niagara is a cross between the f [. ]

  • 1 seed (Product sold out) 7.50€
  • 3 seeds 22.00€ 19.80€
  • 5 seeds (Product sold out) 36.00€ 25.20€
  • 10 seeds 70.00€ 52.45€

K2 – Nirvana

Alchimia is pleased to present K2 by Nirvana Seeds, a marijuana hybrid between White Widow x Hindu Kush, two of the most acclaimed genetics of the last 30 years. The result is an Old School variety of great potency with high THC levels of up to 25% a [. ]

  • 5 Seeds 30.00€ 21.00€

White Widow CBD – 00 Seeds Bank

White Widow CBD from 00 Seeds Bank is a feminized cannabis variety rich in CBD and low in THC. This is the medical cannabis version of White Widow, with a smoother effect thanks to its high CBD content. This variety produces plants that are easy to [. ]

  • 5 seeds 19.50€ 13.60€

Zuri Widow – Genehtik

Zuri Widow comes from a selection of the strain of marijuana White Widow, which was carefully selected years ago by famous growers, pioneers of indoor growing cannabis and of the activism in the Basque Country, which has won several awards. Plant of [. ]

  • 1 seed 9.00€ 6.30€
  • 5 seeds (Product sold out) 40.00€ 28.00€

White Widow – Royal Queen Seeds

The origin of Whidow White genetics is controversial, but what we can say without a doubt is that this strain is a classical Dutch cultivated for the first time in the Netherlands. This original White Widow was created from a pure Brazilian Sativa, p [. ]

  • 3 seeds 20.00€ 14.00€
  • 5 seeds 30.00€ 21.00€
  • 10 seeds 55.00€ 38.45€

White Berry – Paradise Seeds

WHITE BERRY is a fast flowering variety. It has a slender, green and fresh appearance and is single cola dominant. The proportion of buds and leaves is a plus for manicurists because it is easy to trim. WHITE BERRY becomes bejeweled with trichomes t [. ]

  • 3 seeds 32.00€ 24.00€
  • 5 seeds 50.00€ 35.00€

White Widow – Pyramid Seeds

White Widow from Pyramid Seeds is this seed bank’s version of one of the most renowned cannabis varieties worldwide.Being a true classic in the cannabis scene, this White Widow is one of the flagship strains of Pyramid Seeds catalogue thanks to its o [. ]

  • 1 seed 7.00€ 4.90€
  • 5 seeds 30.00€ 21.00€

Mohan Ram – Sweet Seeds

According to Sweet Seeds, this strain was created to honour the botanist HY Mohan Ram, and especially for his article “Induction of Fertile Male Flowers in Genetically Female Cannabis sativa Plants by Silver Nitrate and Silver Thiosulphate Anionic co [. ]

  • 3 seeds + 1 free seed 20.00€ 16.00€
  • 5 seeds + 2 free seeds 33.00€
  • 25 seeds 100.00€

Auto White Widow x Big Bud – Female Seeds

Female Seeds presents here the automatic version of the legendary White Widow x Big Bud, now available in Alchimiaweb in feminized seed form. Being very similar to the original WWxBB, this mostly Indica variety grows compact – up to 80-90cm in heigh [. ]

  • 4 seeds 22.00€
  • 10 seeds (Product sold out) 50.00€ 35.00€

Shark Shock – Mr. Nice

Shark Shock from Mr Nice Seed Bank is without a doubt one of the best worked strains of cannabis available on the market. A powerful, multi award-winning hybrid created in the 90s by Shantibaba, it took 1st prize in the 1997 High Times Cannabis Cup [. ]

  • 15 seeds 57.00€ 37.00€

Flash Back #2 – Sweet Seeds – Sweet Seeds

Flash Back # 2 comes from a crossing between a magnificent Original Flo motherplant and a White Widow characterized by its aroma and resin production. A plant full of trichomes with an intense strawberries, berries and humus aroma is born from this [. ]

  • 3 seeds + 1 free seed 16.50€
  • 5 seeds + 2 free seeds 27.50€ 22.00€

Moby Dick – Green House Seeds – Green House seeds

Moby Dick is the innovation of Greenhouse Seeds 2011. Sex: Feminized Type: Indica / Sativa Genetics: indica-sativa hybrid Flowering indoor: 65-75 days Flowering outdoor: Early October Height: Medium THC: Medium / Hig [. ]

  • 3 seeds 17.00€ 12.70€
  • 5 seeds 25.00€ 18.70€
  • 10 seeds 45.00€ 33.70€

La Blanca – Kannabia 5 seeds – Kannabia

La Blanca, from Kannabia seed bank, is a marijuana strain made as a tribute to all White family plants. It is a selection of Great White Shark crossed with the K male of Kannabia, with a stable flowering period from 56-63 days. The growth of this p [. ]

  • 1 seed 7.20€
  • 3 seeds 18.00€ 15.25€
  • 5 seeds 25.00€ 20.00€

Kalashnikova – Green House seeds

Kalashnikova is a hybrid created by Green House Seeds Company from two of the most successful strains at the international level: Ak47 and the White Widow marijuana. The resuling offspring grows very vigorous and bushy, needing plenty of space to de [. ]

  • 3 seeds 15.00€ 11.20€
  • 5 seeds 22.50€ 16.85€
  • 10 seeds 40.00€ 28.00€

Medicine Man – Mr. Nice

Mr Nice Seed Bank presents Medicine Man, a great choice of strain for those seeking the therapeutic benefits of medicinal cannabis. This is due to it’s high content of the cannabinoid CBD (Cannabidiol), now known to have a positive effect and offer r [. ]

  • 15 seeds 80.00€ 52.00€

AutoWhite Widow – Dutch Passion

Dutch Passion cannabis seedbank is proud to present this autoflowering version of the famous White Widow genetics , for quick and high quality harvests, with complex smell and well balanced effect. Get it now in AchimiaWeb! AutoWhite Widow will gro [. ]

  • 3 seeds 29.95€ 20.95€
  • 7 seeds (Product sold out) 59.95€
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Today we recommend you.

Vesta – Buddha Seeds

  • 1 seed 7.00€ 4.90€
  • 5 seeds 32.00€ 22.35€
  • 10 seeds 60.00€ 42.00€
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