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triple threat seeds

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I’m prepping to overseed my TTTF lawn here in Raleigh within the next couple of weeks. Particularly, though, I’m concerned with two problem spots, one in our front yard and one in the back. Both spots get a heavy dosage of sun, and both give me yearly problems. Each year I feel like I get it corrected, they look great coming out of spring and going into Summer, but as soon as the temps spike, they die off. Probably

I don’t have any in-ground irrigation, though this year I tried to help counter with some rotors on spikes. Minor improvement. Planning to build this system out further for next year, so I can make sure they’re getting enough supplemental water to address the extra heat from so much sun. I generally mow at around 3.5″, and would like to stay in this range.

Last year I reseeded these areas with your garden variety big box seed bags. Tired of wasting my money on the blue filler crap, as well as ending up w/ the same outcome, so this year I’m upping my game (and the cost).

I’ve been studying the NTEP results for Raleigh, but I’m far from an expert.

Anyone have recommendations for specific TTTF blends for such a situation?

SSS has SS1000 which is currently Avenger II, 4th Millennium, Raptor III, and Amity, which all scored well for our area. Seems pricey, though. All seem to score well for drought (I think). Anyone have a better blend suggestion, either pre-mixed or custom mixed, or better options for sourcing?

Or if anyone local to me has a good recommendation for local sources, or someone locally who will do custom blends, that would be fantastic as well. Only place I’ve seen is Southern Seeds. Haven’t called them yet to find out abt custom mixes, and their website doesn’t have info on what cultivars are in their pre-mixes.

Triple threat seeds

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