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Naga Viper Pepper Seeds

The Naga Viper chili has an interesting background. It was created in Cumbria, a small county in England and is a 3-way cross of the Naga Morich, Bhut Jolokia, and Trinidad Scorpion. Some say the 7 Pot pepper was also involved in creating this. Even though this pepper appeared in the Guinness Book of Worlds Records as one of the hottest peppers, it was discovered that it was not grown out 8 full generations to make it a completely stable variety. Any way you look at, it when you grow it, you’ll have HOT peppers.

The pepper ripens from green, orange, to a bright engine red color, and forms into a saucer shape with a stinger. The Naga Viper pepper plant will produce 3.5 inches long peppers with medium thin flesh.

Species: Capsicum Chinense

Heat Level : 1,382,000 SHUs

Type : Superhot

Origin : Cumbria, England

Days to Harvest : 100+ Days

Seeds per Packet : 10+ Pepper Seeds

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Naga Viper

Description: A great super hot cross and former world record holder for heat. Well over a million scovilles often on these, and still a pretty decent taste to them. They are said to be a cross between a Bhut Jolokia, Naga Morich and Trinidad Scorpion.

Species: Capsicum Chinense
Heat: SuperHot
Seeds: Non Isolated / 10+ Per Pack

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