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Cookies x Watermelon Zkittlez

Alchimiaweb presents Cookies x Watermelon Zkittlez from Purple City Genetics, an Indica-dominant hybrid with predominance created to offer an incredibly sweet aroma and a very pleasant relaxing effect. Available online now in the Alchimiaweb feminised cannabis seed catalogue.

The parents used I this cross are Purple City Genetics’ own selection of Girl Scout Cookies, and Watermelon Zkittlez S1 also from the bank itself, bringing an intensely sweet and sugary watermelon flavour.

Cookies x Watermelon Zkittlez by Purple City Genetics, extremely resinous and aromatic

This genetic combination was created to maximise resin production, already very high on both sides, as well as intensifying the aroma, resulting in an ideal plant for hashish extractions.

It grows with a typical Indica-leaning hybrid structure, compact and very well branched, creating a huge central cola with fairly short intermodal distances that give it a rather lush and bushy appearance.

It adapts perfectly to pruning and training techniques like SCROG (Screen Of Green), quickly filling the mesh canopy, as it can double its size with the stretch at the onset of flowering. On the other hand, if we opt to grow it in SOG (Sea Of Green) we will also obtain good results.

Its flowers will be mature in about 9-10 weeks, giving a medium yield of top quality buds with a dark and sugary appearance, contrasting in a spectacular way with the purple and dark tones of the leaves, which really are a beauty to behold.

Cookies x Watermelon Zkittlez by Purple City Genetics, with aroma of sweet watermelon cookies

This variety produces so much resin that just touching it gently will leave your fingers completely sticky, making it a perfect candidate for high quality Live Resin cannabis extractions whether by Rosin or BHO.

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Its aroma is intense, mixing nuances of sweet watermelon with exotic pastries and earthy touches, greatly intensifying if we consume it in a cannabis vaporiser, leaving a long-lasting and mouthwatering flavour on the palate.

The effect it produces is very powerful and enjoyable, relaxing both body and mind in a very cosy and warm way while sending our mind flying towards the stars, but gluing us to the sofa if we consume it excessively.

Watermelon zkittlez X Animal Cookies – Repper Seeds Limited Edition

Watermelon zkittlez X Animal Cookies, a plant very productive, with one of the most popular flavors from the market, try it and you will be trapped between its leaves.

3 Seeds Per Package
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Characteristics of the seed Ripper Seeds Brings you one of the Limited editions of the moment of the Catalan bank Ripper Seeds, The seed of Watermelon zkittlez X Animal Cookies. A plant of Indica predominance, that will produce you some very large flowers, with an exuberant amount of resin that will make it a variety very good for extractions.

As to flavor will be the delight, never better said, one of the most sweet, since it is the result of the crossing of two of the varieties with better organoleptic characteristics, resulting in a plant with an exquisite watermelon caramel flavor. An incredible flavor that you don’t want to miss.

How to grow this cannabis seed?

Growing outdoors with Watermelon zkittlez X Animal Cookies seed

As an outdoor plant, this variety will grow with enormous strength, easily exceeding 2, if your intention is to plant in pots, we recommend that you look for large pots of more than 11 L.

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To enhance its excellent flavor already, recommends the use of Organic fertilizers, such as the range of G old G reen which enhance growth of your plant and you will get a flower explosion that will enhance this delicious flavor.

With this limited edition variety you will get a very good harvest that in optimal conditions exceed 600 g per plant, do not forget that its resin is of the highest quality, making this variety a perfect candidate for extractions.

Growing indoors with Watermelon zkittlez X Animal Cookies

Indoors the variety will not develop as high as outdoors, allowing its compact size to be ideal for your grow cabinets.

With a plantation of 9 plants with a 400W per m2 HPA light you will achieve very good results, because its open structure will allow the passage of light to the entire plant. Giving us as a result up to 500 g per square meter in 60 days of flowering. recommends that you use an anti-odor system so that your neighbors do not stick their noses, such as cronwell ozonator.

What effects will Watermelon zkittlez X Animal Cookies provide us?

The effects of this variety are powerful due to its large amount of THC, a mostly mental effect, which will help you have a relaxed time. Perfect for the last hours of the day and forget the problems generated at work, help to rest your mind with this delicious variety.

Galactic Seed Specifications:

  • Variety: Feminized
  • Genetics: Watermelon zkittlez X Animal Cookies
  • Indicate: 70% /Sativa: 30%
  • THC: Alto
  • Height: Alta
  • Production: Alta
  • Tflowering time: 65 to 70 days
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  • Height: Alta
  • Production: High
  • Harvest time: The end of October
  • Weather: Warm

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