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Washington Marijuana Seeds The Guide to Buying

If you’re looking up information about Washington Marijuana Seeds, one of your first concerns is probably whether or not they are legal. Good news! As long as you are using your cannabis grown with Washington Marijuana Seeds in your own home, you cannot be penalized for it in Washington state.

Marijuana Seeds in Washington – Legal Guidelines for Growing

It is legal to grow your own medicine with Washington Marijuana Seeds. If you want to use marijuana outside of your home in Washington, it needs to be for medicinal purposes. Washington has allowed medical cannabis since 1998. People use it for a variety of reasons including seizures, Crohn’s disease, PTSD, and chronic pain. Washington State residents have been growing Marijuana Seeds for medical purposes for many years.

Growing Cannabis Seeds in Washington

Now, when it comes to actually growing your own Cannabis Seeds in Washington State, you will need to register with Washington’s voluntary patient database. Once you’ve registered, you can grow as many as six plants on your own property. You may also carry up to eight ounces of your home-grown marijuana at a time with you. In Washington State you are legal to grow your marijuana from seed.

The Rules for Using Cannabis in Washington

When it comes to Washington Marijuana Seeds you did not grow yourself, there are other rules. For example, you can only have at the most three ounces of marijuana flower with you. If a marijuana product is only infused with marijuana, you can carry up to 40 ounces of it in Washington. However, if the infused product is liquid, you can carry up to 216 ounces at a time. Lastly, if your cannabis product of choice is marijuana concentrates, you may carry up to 21 grams.

If you’re under 21 and using marijuana for medicinal purposes, you will need to carry a medical card explaining that you take marijuana for medical purposes. But if you’re 21 or older, you should be able to freely carry medicinal marijuana in public even if you don’t have your card with you. As a registered medical marijuana patient you may grow your own from Marijuana Seeds in Washington.

How to Grow Cannabis Seeds in Washington

As long as you purchase the highest quality Cannabis Seeds such as those from Fancy Weed, you should be able to plant marijuana seeds in Washington with ease. However, you have to keep in mind that some cannabis strains will grow better than others in Washington’s rainy climate. It’s important to select strains such as Bonamassa Blues, Strawberry Slurpee, or Black Label that are resistant to mold. Washington Medical Marijuana Seeds are available from many breeders.

You can grow Cannabis Seeds in Washington inside or outside, but most marijuana growers in Washington choose indoors. Growing the plants inside can take up a large amount of energy. This isn’t good for your energy bills or for the environment.

You should keep in mind that when you buy a pack of Marijuana Seeds, not every seed will necessarily thrive. Some will fail to germinate, and others will die off. This is true even if you’ve purchased the seeds from a trusted company.

So when choosing how many Marijuana Seeds to plant, keep this in mind! Plant more than you actually think you will need to make up for the males. To be safe, you should at least double the number of Marijuana Seeds you would like to plant.

Marijuana Seeds – What To Look For

If you’re looking for your Marijuana Seeds online in Washington, choosing the best Marijuana Seeds for your needs can be difficult. One of the first things you’ll notice first when purchasing your Medical Marijuana Seeds is the price. You may be tempted to purchase whatever is the cheapest option. But you should be wary of this when it comes to Marijuana Seeds in Washington.

If Marijuana Seeds are priced higher, it’s generally for good reason. You’re paying for quality! Cheaply-priced Cannabis Seeds are a bit of a gamble. Your bank account may benefit when you initially make your purchase, but you may end up paying a greater price in the end if the low-quality seeds impact your health. Further more keep in mind that US based Marijuana Breeders Seeds are better suited and acclimated to be grown in the US.

Look at online reviews and shop around for a while before you make your final decision on where to buy your Washington Marijuana Seeds. You can also use the Marijuana Seed Banks you’re buying from as a resource. Talk to customer service and ask questions. If they are real experts, they will be able to answer. If they can’t, they may not be the best choice to buy seeds from. But if they can, they will be able to help you find the best seeds for your needs.

The team at Fancy Weed is full of cannabis experts. We are happy to answer any questions you might have so you can make the purchase that’s best for you. We want to make it easy! Visit our Online Marijuana Seeds Store and see our unique marijuana strains and genetics!

Washington Marijuana Seeds and Cannabis Genetics

Washington State Marijuana Seeds

Washington Marijuana Seeds online sales have exploded since medical marijuana was approved in 2012. It wasn’t until July 8th, 2014 that the first recreational cannabis shops opened their doors to the public. After recreational legalization was approved with 502 Washington cannabis seeds have increased sales exponentially.

Recreational Cannabis Seeds In Washington

Washington was already exposed to cannabis seeds and products as far back as 1998 when I-692 allowed medical patients access to marijuana seeds. Fast forward to 2014 and cannabis laws have changed dramatically.

The state of Washington allows individuals the ability to possess Washington cannabis seeds, 1-ounce of dried flowers, 1-pound of edibles, 72-ounces in liquid form, and 7-grams of cannabis extract. Whether you’re a resident or tourist, as long as you’re over the age of 21 with a valid driver’s license, you’re eligible to participate in the cannabis market.

Growing Cannabis From Seeds in Washington

Growing laws are contradictory in Washington. Although Washington residents have enjoyed a large amount of leniency in regards to cannabis, the law states that the police must have 24-hour access to a growing facility if it isn’t medical-related.

The best (and most hassle-free) method of growing marijuana seeds in your home is by obtaining a medical marijuana permit. This permit will allow you to grow four to fifteen cannabis seeds to maturity. All growers must be 21 and over.

The only way to grow Washington cannabis seeds recreationally, rather than medically, is by obtaining a producer’s license. The producer license was available in three tiers, although they are currently all sold-out.

  • Tier 1: Allows to grow and produce cannabis for distribution or for sale to other licensed producers. This license allows up to two thousand square feet or less of plant growth.
  • Tier 2: Allows to grow and produce cannabis for distribution or for sale to other licensed producers. This license allows up to two thousand to ten thousand square feet of plant growth.
  • Tier 3: Allows to grow and produce cannabis for distribution or for sale to other licensed producers. This license allows up to ten thousand to thirty thousand square feet of plant growth.

All three licenses cost $250 for the application and a recurring annual fee of $1,480.

Although production licenses are unavailable, residents can obtain medical permits to grow their own cannabis seeds at home. As in any recreational or medical state, it’s best to grow marijuana seeds out of sight to avoid any difficulties.

It should also be noted that production licenses may be revoked or denied if local authorities object, you’re within 100-ft of a distance-restricted zone, you’ve been convicted of a felony, unidentifiable source of funds or any other misrepresentation of facts.

It’s completely legal to buy cannabis seeds in Washington, which means you’ll never run out of new strains to try.

Distance and Public-Use Restrictions in Washington

Laws in Washington stipulate that marijuana businesses must retain a 100-1,000-ft buffer from schools, playgrounds, recreational facilities, day-care centers, parks, public transit, libraries, and arcades.

It’s illegal to publicly consume marijuana in the Evergreen State. Similar to all recreational states, you’re required to consume all cannabis-based products in the privacy of a residence. Driving under the influence of cannabis is also off-limits, and you can receive the same treatment that you would from the police as driving drunk.

Transportation License Requirement

The state of Washington requires a special license to transport more than the allowed amount for individuals (1-ounce). These licenses are generally required for businesses such as production facilities and dispensaries that must move cannabis products from one location to another. No license is required to transport Marijuana Seeds in Washington because there is no THC in the seeds.

This increases the difficulty of vertically-oriented cannabis businesses that produce and distribute their own marijuana products. It’s considered a specialty license that costs $250.

A Bright Future for Washington Despite Regulations

Although it may seem that much of the cannabis industry is heavily regulated in Washington, individuals can begin experiencing cannabis consumption and cultivation on their own terms, albeit in smaller amounts.

Washington cannabis seeds are flourishing, and now’s the best time to unlock the flavors of new strains that will lend a refreshing perspective. Luckily, Fancy Weed is a Washington-based marijuana seed producer that specializes in rare and exotic genetics.

Washington Moving to Re-Legalize Medical Marijuana Seeds and Plants

For several years, Washington medical marijuana patients have been in a conundrum.

Aside from the state-licensed commercial grow houses supplying retail dispensaries, they are the only people in the state allowed to cultivate cannabis, and the only people allowed to grow their own marijuana supply at home. (Washington’s recreational legalization law does not allow home grow .)

They have this privilege—but mostly in theory—as they have to break the law to exercise it.

S ince the state’s medical marijuana dispensaries closed a few years ago (all dispensaries in Washington are retail dispensaries), there’s no legal way for medical cannabis patients to buy marijuana seeds or clones .

You can buy seeds online or buy clones on the black market, but for anyone not wanting to mess with all that, there’s no legal alternative.

Washington lawmakers are finally getting around to fixing this silliness.

House Bill 2021 , which enjoys several sponsors and no organized opposition, would allow “marijuana producers to produce and sell immature marijuana plants and marijuana seeds at retail” to qualified medical-marijuana patients and their caregivers.

In Washington, medical marijuana patients have the option of entering a state authorization database. If they choose to register their information—their condition, their doctor and other information—in the database, they can grow up to 15 plants and possess up to 16 ounces, depending on their condition, according to a state analysis. If they choose not to enter the database, they get four plants and six ounces—but they still don’t have a place to get the starting material, unless they luck out and find a good seed in a bag of retail pot.

Either way, when passed—and chances look good—the bill would end the “manna from heaven” situation that medical marijuana patients have been in for the past few years.

“ This bill closes a gap and it’s important that we close this gap, because there are folks who qualify to have marijuana plants, but they don’t have access to them,” said bill sponsor Rep. Jessyn Farrell, in comments to the Kent Reporter.