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weed seed banks that ship to australia


Seed banks that ship to Australia. Legit Aussie seed banks includes us and Australian Seed bank. For all our Aussie Customers, we’re your marijuana seed bank that ships cannabis seeds to Australia. We take extra care by using a sophisticated stealth shipping method with a 100% delivery guarantee.

Cannabis is about to become legal in Australia, if it isn’t already. But aquiring seeds can be a hassel without finding a seed bank that ships cannabis seeds to Australia.

That’s why successful Aussie’s shop at Amsterdam Marijauana Seeds for all their cannabis seed needs. They are Australia’s Legit Seed Bank for the past 20 years.

You can also buy seeds from Australian Seed Bank inside Australia, having your seeds delivered by your local postie.

Seed Banks that ShipTo Australia

Australian love their cannabis, and no other seed bank makes it easier or safer for you to purchase your cannabis seeds.

So what are you waiting for, we have amazing deals and promotions today. We can help out anyone in remote areas. Our shipping is fast and discrete. Today’s latest super stealth delivery in Australia. We are a seed bank that ships in Australia. We are one of only two seed banks that ship in Australia. The other seed bank is called the Australian Seed Bank.

We love to help fellow cannabis lovers. Feel free to send us an email with any questions you may have. We will be happy to help you with all your cannabis grow questions too.

Legit Aussie Seed Bank

Australians are our number one customers. We love to serve our Australians customers with great pleasure. They are the friendliest customers in the world. Always easy to talk with to catch up on all the lastest cannabis news, Australian have a knack for socializing. It’s no wonder they consume more cannabis than any other nation in the world. We are proud to have you as our valued customers. If there is anything at all I can do to make your visit on this site more enjoyable, please let me know. We are a time tested seed bank that ships to Australia.

Are cannabis seeds legal in Australia?

The recreational growth and use of cannabis in Australia are legal only in the Australian Capital Territory, where one can possess up to 50 grams of dried cannabis or 150 grams of fresh cannabis. Individuals are also allowed to grow up to two cannabis plants and a household can plant up to four plants. Elsewhere outside the ACT though, the purchase and use of cannabis are illegal. The only way to use cannabis legally in these other regions is to acquire a medical, government-approved prescription for it. The only legal ways to buy and possess cannabis seeds in Australia are to live in the Australian Capital Territory or have a prescription that allows you to possess medical cannabis.

Despite being illegal within the country, several people still buy cannabis seeds in Australia . In fact, over 7 million people in Australia use cannabis actively. To buy cannabis seeds in Australia, the only valid option is to buy them from an online seed bank and have them shipped into the country. Due to the illegality of the purchase of cannabis seeds in Australia, seed banks shipping into the country have learned to package the seeds discreetly to avoid discovery by customs. Before you go ahead to place an order online for cannabis seeds, however, you need to understand the repercussions of being caught with cannabis.

Cannabis laws in Australia

The different states in Australia have individual punishments for offenders caught in possession of or growing cannabis. Southern Australia is perhaps the best place to get caught with cannabis as they have the most relaxed penalties for cannabis possession. Being caught with 15 grams or less of cannabis in New South Wales attracts only a formal caution while possession of up to 25 grams will cost you A$100 in fines or compulsory attendance of a Drug Diversion Programme. Western Australia however has sterner punishments for offenders caught carrying or growing marijuana with fines of up to A$2,000, 2 years in prison, or even both.

In Queensland, you can get up to 15 years in prison for possession of cannabis although for quantities more than 50 grams. In South Australia, the amount of cannabis you are caught carrying determines your fine, with a fine of A$300 for up to 100 grams of cannabis. Some regions such as Tasmania will allow you to go free without a penalty the first 3 times you are caught with cannabis.

Can you send cannabis seeds to Australia?

Australian residents do not have the option of walking into a seed bank to purchase marijuana seeds. To buy cannabis seeds in Australia, the best method is to order the seeds from an online seed farm. Although not all online seed banks will ship to Australia, some, such as Herbies , will ship to Australia and other countries where cannabis is illegal. Seed banks that ship to Australia will ship the cannabis seeds discreetly to avoid detection by the country’s customs service.

How to grow cannabis seeds in Australia

Once you decide to plant cannabis seeds in Australia, either because you have a license to do so or because you are prepared to face the consequences of doing so, there are a few tips we would like to offer you.

Order your seeds in advance

Due to the legal situation in Australia, your seeds may not arrive on time. It is therefore important that you order your seeds well ahead of the planting season so that you do not end up waiting for your seeds to arrive while the planting season goes by. The best time to plant cannabis seeds in Australia is in October and so you should try to order your seeds early in the year. With proper storage, you can keep your cannabis seeds for years and so you can order cannabis seeds for several planting seasons at once.

Buy your seeds from a reputable seed bank

You must buy your seeds from a reputable seed bank. This is the only way you will be able to guarantee the quality of the seeds you get. Buying seeds from a shady seed dealer can result in you getting low-quality seeds or seeds that just won’t germinate at all. Herbies is a good seed bank that guarantees high germination rates no matter which germination method you choose – in peat pellets , glass of water or directly in soil.

Buy cannabis seeds that are suitable to be grown in Australia

There are several different strains of marijuana to choose from all with different characteristics and tolerances. You will need a good understanding of the climate of your region to choose the best marijuana strain to grow there. In general, you’ll want to buy seeds that are tolerant to temperature extremes, shortage of water as well as mold and pest attacks. This will guarantee that you have a bountiful yield when it is time for harvest.

Plan in advance

Growing cannabis requires a lot of planning and preparation. While the Australian climate supports the growth of cannabis and can allow for up to 3 harvests per year, you must prepare your grow area well ahead of the time you will begin to start planting.

Best strains to grow in Australia

  • Critical Jack Herer : This strain is perfect for the Australian grower as it requires very little input from the grower. It is fast-growing and yields a bountiful harvest. It has high levels of THC and is suitable to be grown both indoors and outdoors.
  • Sour Diesel : This easy-to-grow strain is highly popular for its quality and potency. It is well suited for the low humidity and dry nature of the Australian climate.
  • Grandmommy purple : This is one of the most popular cannabis strains in Australia. It is beloved for its extremely high potency, with a THC content of up to 33%. This strain does not grow too tall, which makes it suitable for guerrilla growers as they can hide it quite easily.

Wrapping up

Using cannabis or buying cannabis seeds could be legal or illegal depending on where you reside in Australia. However, if you’d ever need to buy cannabis seeds in Australia, Herbies is a discreet seed bank you can trust. They always deliver.