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weed seed cracked easily

Seeds crack, then rot (soft white stuff inside shell)?

Seeds crack, then rot (soft white stuff inside shell)?

Hello all, i was just hoping someone might be able to explain what might be the problem while germinating?
Would it be too moist, or too warm?

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Probably too moist could be too warm also.

Have you tried the paper towel method ? Wring out a paper towel so it’s not dripping, put seeds in it, fold it over, put them in a ziplock bag. I always blow into the bag, but that may or may not be a good idea and isn’t necessary just part of my tradition. Anyway seal the bag up with some air in it and then check on it every 12 hours or so refreshing the air and spraying with a TINY burst of water IT the paper towel is getting dry. Unfold and check for sprouting seeds and VERY carefully pull them off the paper towel. In same cases the tap root will have grow through the paper towel (which is probably the main disadvantage of this method) and you will need to tear away a little paper towel or just be extra careful and the tap root will pull away from the paper towel. You could use scissors to cut away some paper towel as well as having some paper towel on the tap root won’t hurt. Then drop them in soil or rockwool or coco or whatever you are using.

Then I put the bag someplace dark and not cold. A desk draw should work. I’ve seen people stuff the bag under a cushion and get decent enough germ rates. On top of something mildly warm like a refigerator is ok, but you don’t want to take a chance with too much heat as that will kill them and room temp is good enough germ.

I supposed it could be your seeds suck too, but it’s probably your seedlings not getting enough air because your medium is too wet.

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