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Detox Programs – get your mojo back after the festive season

After the Festive Season, many of us feel sluggish and like we need a good detox. So what is detoxification?

A professional detox program will help you to:

  • banish bloating
  • beat brain fog
  • drop a few kgs
  • learn how to cook clean, nutritious meals
  • boost your energy

Read on for our Discount Offer for our 2015 Summer Detox

There’s a lot of fad detox programs out there which can cause stress on the body, so it’s important to make sure you detox right.

Detoxification is something our bodies do daily – via our sweat, urine, bowels and breath. It’s the body’s way of getting rid of toxins so they don’t store in our tissues.

If we over indulge, eg too much alcohol, fatty food, sugar, medications, lack of sleep, sitting all day for work, lack of fresh air and exercise, our detox pathways can become sluggish. They still work, but not at their peak function. Our gut bugs can become out of balance, with the ones that cause bloating and tiredness in high numbers and the ones that support our immune function and gut health at lower numbers.

At Vibe, our Naturopaths and Nutritionists have 2 & 4 week detox programs tailored to suit your needs.

Our detox program enhances the function of the 5 elimination organs, the Kidneys, Liver, Lungs, Bowel and Skin. Naturopathy has a strong tradition of detoxifcation as a healing tool and a Naturopath can help you detox safely, with the herbs that best suit your body, to help you feel energized and re-set for the new year.

Our detox program gives you all the home tips, recipes and herbs you need. We also provide information on how to remove the main sources of toxins in your life and give your body a “holiday” from life’s excesses and indulgences.

The detox focus is on lots of fresh foods, you will not be hungry!

It’s based on clean, plant based foods and healthy animal proteins to provide your liver and bowel with the vitamins, minerals and proteins they need to enhance detoxification.

We also provide herbs to enhance phase 1 and 2 liver detox – which is liver’s way of gathering rubbish and then recycling or breaking it down for elimination. Signs of poor phase 2 liver detox are pretty common – hormonal fluctuations such as PMS, acne, bloating, headaches, poor alcohol or coffee tolerance and food intolerances.

Another detox principle is a good old weed, feed and seed, just like you’d do with your garden.

“Weed” refers to removal of bad bacteria in the body like gut parasites and overgrowth of bad gut bacteria. These bad bugs thrive on diets high in breads, beer, sugar, alcohol, fatty foods and after medicines such as the contraceptive pill and antibiotics.
“Seed” is the replacement of good bacteria in the gut with probiotics and fermented foods.

“Feed” is like fertilising and mulching your garden, but for your insides! Providing nutrients and foods that sustain the growth of good bacteria and help repair “leaky gut.”

How Will I Feel?

Some people may feel a little tired for the first couple of days of the detox if they are used to having coffee and sugar to pep them up. Within a few days they start to feel lighter and less sluggish and more energized. The majority of people feel amazing after the detox, with increased energy, better digestion, less bloating and less discomfort after eating.

An added benefit can be losing a few kilos, losing the pot belly and clearer skin.

Detox special Offer for 2015:

Book a detox consult – Initial and a follow up consult and receive $20 off your consult cost plus 10% off all herbs/ supplements. ( plus private health rebate if you are covered )

Offer can be used with our Naturopaths and Nutritionists : Andrea Wardle, Marion Battig, Angela Prest and Sally Broadhurst.
Offer valid until 28th Feb 2015

Detox Program

Built upon a philosophy of cleanse, restore and maintain the Digestive Tune-Up* is a three-step process that cleanses, soothes, and repairs the gastrointestinal system: removing unwanted and unhealthy organisms, calming existing irritations and aiding in sustainable long-term digestive health.

What’s Included: Regul8 Digestive Tune-Up Detox supplements, EFA supplement & Six 30 min Infrared Sauna sessions.

How long: 3 week program

Who benefits from this: Everyone will benefit from this program, in particular anyone dealing with the problems below.

Digestive health is an integral portion of any healthy lifestyle, and if the body’s ability to absorb nutrients and expel toxins is compromised, it can result in the following issues:

Food Matters Part 2: “To Do and Not To Do” That Is The Choice

(read my 3 part digestion blog on the role of digestion and assimilation).

Many people over eat. When we eat the correct fats and proteins in nutrient dense foods, we no longer have cravings and we achieve satiety.

Soy, canola, and corn oil are all bad oils.

Partially hydrogenated fats are worse.

Butter spreads are the worst.

Good fats come from avocado, chia, flax, wild caught salmon, coconut, grape seed, and olives.

Our bodies want to heal and can heal if we provide the proper nutritional foundation.

The key is to clean up what we have and minimize more toxins coming in.

One of the bodies protective mechanisms to deal with toxins is to coat it in fat. The more toxins coming in, the more fat needed to protect the body from the toxins. Dieting may burn fat, but it won’t burn off the toxins stored within the fat. In fact, as the fat is burned, toxins are freed and may lead to damage. The right foods will aid in toxin neutralization and removal. Dark green organic chlorophyll rich foods along with gelatinous foods (secrete a gel when they get wet) such as Aloe Vera, Sea weed, and Chia seeds, help detoxify the body.

The liver (whose job it is to police, remove, or neutralize toxins) dumps toxins into the bile salts. The bile salts travel down the gastrointestinal tract with the intention of ridding the body of the toxins. Unfortunately, many of these toxins are reabsorbed with the bile salts in the small intestine. The gelatinous fibers produced by the gelatinous foods (Aloe Vera, Sea Weed, Chia seeds) binds the toxins in the bile salts and dumps the toxins in the toilet.

Now that we understand how mother nature ensured our ancestors survived the feast and famine periods, we can see why traditional diets fail. They not only fail, but most people will yoyo diet and put on more weight after each period of weight loss. The reason for this is simple and is a result of how we are genetically engineered. Traditional dieting causes the body to think a famine is coming. Calories are drastically cut leading to weight loss (and for many dieters, muscle mass depletion as well). But the body perceives a famine is coming and triggers a protective mechanism in the body that creates a drive to put on extra weight (to protect from the effects of the next famine). To survive a famine one needs fat reserves! A vicious cycle is born.

Let’s redefine the meaning of a “diet.” A diet is defined as the foods an organism needs to sustain itself. People thrive in many different environments. In Alaska the diets are high in fish, organ meat, and fat. In the tropics the diet consists of varied fruits and vegetables. All societies thrive though their “diets” are drastically different. They thrive because they are eating what they need to sustain themselves in that environment.

We need to eat foods we were biologically adapted to eat; real food from the earth.

Since 1941, there have been over 75,000 synthetic chemicals developed and released into our foods, plants, and animals! We are no longer eating real food! We are eating food like products, made to smell better, look better, last longer on the shelf, and entice us to eat more.

We need to clean up our diet and stop trying to outsmart nature. We need to enjoy better living through working with nature.

For those who think this is an overwhelming task and don’t know where to start, start here:

1. Adding in the good foods, they will crowd out the bad ones! Use whole grain breads and pastas. Add a few extra vegetables to your meals. Snack on whole foods or fruits instead of a candy bar. Start your day with an organic all natural shake from If you want a drink other than water, try an herbal green tea. has a healthy Energy Now instant beverage that is good for you.

    Eat plants, nuts, seeds, stone ground flours, and natural sugars. Include Chlorella, Spirulina, and whole grains like Quinoa. Sprout your own beans, peas, or grains. Buy organic seeds, soak for a few hours, rinse several times, lay seeds on a damp towel in a semi dark, cool area. Keep towel moist. They are ready to eat when they have a sprout or “tail” 1/4 inch long. Store in the refrigerator. My favorites are Mung beans, Wheatberries, and Black Eye Peas.

Eat minimal to no processed foods; things that come in a box, bag, or can. What you do eat in a box, bag, or can, buy organic and read the label! Avoid artificial sweeteners ( MSG, High Fructose Corn Syrup, propylene glycol). If the ingredients sound like they came from a laboratory versus the ground, don’t eat it! If it was made in a lab, it will take a lab to digest it.

Avoid eating foods treated or grown with chemicals, pesticides, and preservatives. Buy locally grown foods when possible. Avoid foods from other countries as they have been irradiated, lowering their enzymatic quality. Buy organic or raise your own. Grow boxes and grow towers allow everyone to grow vegetables and herbs. Square Foot gardening is a technique that provides enough food to feed a family of 4 in a 4X4 area.

Avoid using products that touch your skin that have chemicals and preservatives. The skin is the largest organ of excretion and is capable of absorbing massive amounts of toxins. Xenoestrogens are preservatives found in laundry soaps, body soaps, and plastic bottles. They mimic estrogen and increase the risk of breast, uterine, and prostatic disease.

Snack on whole foods. produces whole food raw nutrition products that are delicious! Try their Pulse line (27 raw organic whole food fruits, nuts, grains, and tubers) and Versativa (dehydrated fruits and vegetables).

7. Change your attitude from “I Can’t have….the soda or junk food” to “I don’t want…the soda or junk food”

  1. Begin detoxing by eating chlorophyll rich foods (dark green leafy vegetables) and gelatinous plants like Aloe Vera, Sea weed, and Chia seeds. Juice raw vegetables once a day. Use only organic foods. Try a small apple (skin and seeds left in), a carrot, a stalk of celery with the leaves on, cucumber, parsley (cleans the blood), cilantro (binds heavy metals), a sliver of beet (detoxifies the liver), a sliver of lemon (skin too), and whatever dark green leafy vegetables you like (spinach, kale, chinese cabbage, cabbage, green beans etc). Dilute with a little water if it is too strong and relish the great feeling you get after drinking it! Contact me for the best Aloe source I have found.

9. Get outside and enjoy the sunlight. Play, exercise, breath deeply, connect to nature and your body. Exercise is a natural way to metabolize (get rid of) stress hormones.

    Drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces of good quality water. For example, if you weigh 100#, drink 50oz. Don’t drink more than 100oz regardless of what you weigh. (see my digestion blog for details on digestion and my water blog).

Take a plant based digestive enzyme. Contact me for specific products.

Eat fermented foods and take probiotics to maintain good gut flora.

Protect from EMF (see my blog on EMF).

Get more sleep. During sleep is when your body repairs. During deep sleep, the stress hormones (epinephrine, cortisol) are metabolized. The pituitary gland releases vital growth hormone during sleep. Lack of sleep can lead to fluid retention, weight gain, and adrenal fatigue (Metabolic Syndrome X). is a company that makes intrinsic energy holograms that help with all phases of sleep, using no drugs or chemicals. The Rest Quiet holograms by CieAura are safe, effective, and naturally restore balance in the body enabling deeper more healing sleep. They even stop most people from snoring!

Laugh! Watch funny shows, listen to funny jokes, enjoy good company. Laughter decreases stress hormones, boosts immunity, and reduces pain!

Visualize what you want out of life. Whatever you hold in your mind on a consistent basis is exactly what you will experience in your life. Love yourself unconditionally. Plant positive affirmations everywhere (bathroom mirrors, fridge, car mirror…) and read them daily.

As you become nutritionally satisfied, you won’t have room for poorer choices!

Feeling better also provides incentive to continue eating better and making healthier lifestyle choices.

1 person can make a ripple, a group of people can make a wave, a nation of people make change!