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weed seeds didn t germinate

germination of cannabis seeds NOT POPPING

I can tell you right now what the problem is. It’s warmth. You need a heat mat. If it’s 70 in your house the paper towels are going to be cold to the touch. That’s bad. You want the environment that the seeds are germing in the be warm and humid. Think of a seed in the mud in the springtime with the sun beating down on it. That’s what you want.

That being said you need a heat mat and a humidity dome. I would also like to see you steer away from the paper towel method. Go ask any serious breeders if they use paper towels. Ya, it works, but you’re handling the seed afterwards. I’ve been told your dna can get on the seed and cause problems down the road. It’s true.
Use peat blocks with the holes in them. You put the seed in the moistened block. The seed spins around on it’s own and anchors a tap root. It then lifts itself up and you’re vegging. The key is heat and humidity though. It has to be humid for the shell to crack and you need heat to give the seeds energy to lift them selves out or sprout inside a towel etc.
Above your humidity dome put a light about 3 inches from the top. I use a CFL in a work light. This combo of the seed in the block, with a nice warm root zone, all in a humidity dome with a bright CFL light above has been a bullet proof starting set up. I probably blew through over $75 in seeds I couldn’t get to germ before I invested in the station. Now I’m batting 1000%. I’m sure there will be a seed down the road that gives me problems but there’s one last thing you need and that’s confidence. I have confidence now so I can be patient. You don’t. For all I know you have a seed in your mouth now between your two front teeth. Patience is a virtue when it comes to germing. Seeds can take from 3 to 14 days according to the breeder I use. Once you get the set up and the confidence it all comes together.

heat mat: 19
dome: 5
Peat cubes: 5
buld: 5
work light: 8

1st time grower – My seeds won't germinate

I am by no means an expert, I haven't even attempted to grow marijuana (I just like to lurk and dream), but I have grown flowers from seeds before. When you germinate, you really just need DAMP substrate. Not soaking. In fact, you could even use a dish towel. Wet it, ring it out, and fold the seed inside (keeping the towel damp) until it cracks. That's when you put it into your substrate. And I'm pretty sure whenever you water your plant, no matter the stage, it should never be completely soaking wet. Roots need oxygen.