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weed seeds latvia

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Cannabis seeds in Latvia

Auto Sour Diesel is a feminized autoflowering variety of cannabis. Its buds are compact and highly productive, boasting a spicy citrus perfume, combined with the aroma of gasoline. It contains a high percentage of THC- approximately 17%- thus inducing long-lasting, uplifting effects. Sex: Feminized Autoflowering seeds: YES Grows: Indoor, Outdoor.

Super Skunk is one of the best and strongest varieties of cannabis. It belongs to the Indica variety and it is a highly potent variety with a short flowering period. It produces rich, compact crops, thus being recommended and appreciated by both experienced and inexperienced cultivators. Sex: Feminized Autoflowering seeds: YES Grows:Indoor, Outdoor.

Predominantly Sativa, Kali Mist is a feminized autoflowering variety of marijuana. The plant that grows from these seeds produces soft cones that are filled with resin and have high contents of THC. The inferior cones develop completely thanks to the structure of the plant’s leaves and branches, as they grow scarcer towards the roots. Sex: Feminized.

Auto Big Bud, a feminized strain, boasts autoflowering properties, thus being highly appreciated for its efficacy. In the final stage, it produces big, dense, resin-filled buds. Furthermore, its height is easily controllable. Its aroma is spicy, but it also comprises a slightly fruity perfume. Sex: Feminized Autoflowering seeds: YES Grows: Indoor.

Auto Lavender Feminized is a feminized, autoflowering variety, obtained by crossing the Lavender and Lowryder 2 species. The plants that grow from this variety have a very specific structure: they are tall, vigorous, and have large branches. At the end of the flowering period, the plants acquire an orange-gold shade. Sex: Feminized Autoflowering seeds.

Auto Bubble Gum Feminized type of feminized autoflowering cannabis that is very stable. The plant is short, it has a few branches and big, resin-filled cones. Its flavor is sweet, reminding one of chewing gum, and induces pleasant effects, characterized by euphoria and uplifting feelings. Sex: Feminized Autoflowering seeds: YES Grows: Indoor, Outdoor.

Auto Mazar Feminized is a very popular strain, it is autoflowering type of marijuana. It has all the qualities one might look for in a cannabis variety: efficiency, high resistance, high productivity of the buds and a strong effect that manifests itself on all levels. Sex: Feminized Autoflowering seeds: YES Grows: Indoor, Outdoor, Greenhouse Height.

Auto Mafia Devil Feminized is a very popular and highly appreciated type of feminized, autoflowering cannabis. It is particularly suitable for those who wish to have big, vigorous plants. When offered a sufficient amount of light, this plant can reach heights of approximately 2 meters. Sex: Feminized Autoflowering seeds: YES Grows: Indoor, Outdoor.

Auto AK47 Feminized is a variety of feminized, autoflowering marijuana that boasts all of the qualities one might look for in a feminized strain. The plant that grows from these seeds is compact and has big cones, which stand out due to their sweet aroma. Its lifecycle is short, amounting to 70 days after germination. Sex: Feminized Autoflowering.

Auto White Widow Feminized is one of the most popular types of feminized, autoflowering cannabis, and it can be cultivated both in indoor and outdoor environments. It produces compact plants of medium heights, it has a pleasant aroma and induces strong, uplifting effects. Sex: Feminized Autoflowering seeds: YES Grows: Indoor, Outdoor, Greenhouse.

Auto Blueberry Feminized is a species of feminized, autoflowering cannabis, which excels at quality. The plants that grow from these seeds are violet-blue, boasting a sweet, pleasant flavor, similar to that of blueberries.This type of marijuana is very popular and sought after, as it is easy to grow and look after. Sex: Feminized Autoflowering seeds.

Auto Northern Light Feminized is a feminized autoflowering marijuana strain which has very little smell. It gives large resin-filled cones and grows very well regardless of the environment it is cultivated in. As a typical indica the effects are strong and energizing, which makes it popular among both experts and beginners. Sex: Feminized Autoflowering.

Weed seeds latvia

Whenever the talk is about hemp, or as most people know it – cannabis, they rather think about the drug than the raw material. However, hemp has a long history of being grown and used throughout the ages – it was only since after World War 2 and the consequent prohibition of cannabis as a drug in the United States that the plant became so negatively connoted. The legal situation in Germany, for example, is a very difficult one, since the possession of even the smallest amount of any part of the plant is being prosecuted by law.

In recent years however, the tides began to shift with the widespread legalization of the product throughout the world. While, in general, still being illegal in Germany, the medical use of marihuana has been allowed, but only if the THC-level of the product lies below 0.2 percent. The growing of hemp for industrial use is allowed, but very difficult to realize since agriculturalists are obligated to get a license – which is by no means easy to obtain. In Latvia, the situation is a similar one – cannabis with THC is being prosecuted by the law, but it is possible to grow non-THC plant varieties, as long as agriculturalists have a license and the plants are being grown on a field and not indoors or in a greenhouse

Especially in the light of the current development of our planet, with climate change being an issue that affects all of us, the world’s population growing from day to day and consuming a lot of resources, mostly non-renewable and non-degradable, it is of utmost importance to focus on renewable and sustainable materials. Luckily, part of the answer is in plain sight: the forbidden hemp plant, which has been unjustly criminalized, is beginning to grow back into focus. Hemp has many different facets, it can be used for building, for clothes, for food and even as medicine. To find out more about the benefits of the plant, we decided to venture on a journey to Obeliskas, a tiny village in the heart of Latvia, where we met Andris and Deborah, who gave us insights into their hemp farm. There they produce lots of different hemp-related products and run a school that has the goal to educate people about the benefits of hemp.

In Obeliskas, which lies in the eastern part of Latvia in the Latgale region, Andris and Deborah made their dream of running a hemp farm come true. It has already been three years since the family moved from London to Latvia to transform a rundown farm into something truly special. The beginning posed challenges – from getting stuck in the middle of a muddy road on their first day in Latvia, to rebuilding the old houses and the
infrastructure to make the place livable – it was lots of hard work until the point where the hemp farm project began to run smoothly.

Andris and Deborah founded the hemp farm without much in-depth knowledge or educational background about hemp as a material. Thus, they had to find out all the facts about growing conditions, products and production by themselves, sometimes even by trial-and-error. When talking with us about the process of gathering information on growing hemp, Andris told us: “there was a lot of YouTube involved. Also, we learned a lot
out of reading. We expected it would be a little easier to get detailed information, for example about when to plant, which seeds to choose…

Somehow, I put in my head that it would be very easy to get the information, but it’s not. We did a lot of mistakes, but everything is possible and seeing how this is developing, and still getting more and more interesting, being involved in all of this as a family – it’s really amazing.” Andris and Deborah kept finding out more, and with time, became experts themselves. They told us a lot about the variety of benefits you can get out of the hemp plant. While the plant, from an agricultural perspective, is in general great for the soil it grows on, there is, for instance, the possibility of making a variety of everyday-products out of hemp, such as paper or other materials. Out of the hemp fibers ropes, cloth, and clothes are being made, at the same time the fibers can be used for building insulation in the form of hempcrete, hemp is even being used in the car industry. Moreover, many parts of the plant can be used in the kitchen. For instance, while squeezing out the oil out of the seed, one also gets the hemp protein. Also, the hemp flower is being used for tea and even the roots are edible – and, according to Andris, it`s great against diseases, such as stomach pains.