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This website has some great sounding strains and super deals…Anybody ever done business with them ? If you did how did your purchase go? Or if you just wanna put your 2 cents into a comment …ILGM is my go to seed bank but looking to change things up if the seeds at this company are worthy of trying…working with small budget and the deals are good enough for me to grow 3 different stains for 3 separate grows with a mix of seeds on all 3 grows…The deals here are the only thing making me think about switching…Thanks

Lots of red flags there:

"500+ Souvenier Strains", but I don't see any info about their breeding process.

Auto strain descriptions that were clearly copy-pasted from photoperiod versions and haven't been updated.

Supposedly having strains whose descriptions are missing a lot of details I'd expect.

The site looks like most other seed wholesalers' sites (Grower's Choice, ILGM, Crop King, Rocket Seeds, etc.), but a particularly half-assed version. I don't get why people buy from these sites.

Also pretty expensive, given the above.

We always keep a post about breeders and seedbanks pinned to the top of the subreddit. You're better off getting auto seeds from breeders that specialize in them. I'd recommend against buying from ILGM, too; they're probably our second most frequently complained about seed vendor here.

Free cannabis seeds? This legit?

I'm looking to grow my first real plant (just one or two) and I've been googling. I came across this.

anybody heard of it?

First year of college, I got a few seeds in a bag of weed I bought. I grew one of them in our bathroom for awhile but it got too big and I had to get rid of it. That's my experience growing, so any advice would be cool. I'll be growing in my apartment.

If you’re going to spend the time and effort to grow the weed don’t cheap out in the seeds. I would recommend you get a clone from someone that has good genetics

i'm literally gonna put some seeds in a soil pot and water it

Looks pretty legit tbh, plus they probably do make money off the $15 shipping charge. Bag seed id have to guess. I might try it

genetics are very important, i’d recommend scooping some legit ones. those may be fine but wouldn’t personally

Seems pretty legit but like the other poster said 15$ isn’t exactly free. I suppose if the description is true and he’s a legit grower it’s still basically cheap as in free, but if it’s just random hemp bagseed and it very well could be, you getting fucked.

If you can get good bud that has a seed that has a known strain and grow that it’s probably a safer bet then random internet bagseed but who knows you might get lucky.

Because you are doing this again for the first time, it is best to start with cheap seeds that way you don’t freak out when they die.