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Killer Kannabis Seedz

Narco feminized seeds

Narco feminized is one of Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds’ newer strains. It’s an Indica-dominant cross between Big Black Indica and White Widow XTRM.

Both these strains are pretty killer in their narcotic-like effects so expect a strain that packs a punch!

Growing-wise, Narco feminized seeds are easy to grow, indoors or out. Indoors, they’ll tend to stay under a metre in height…

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BASIC PRICE COMPARISON TEMPLATE – Alison’s draft version of Simon’s table

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White Widow price comparison – regular seeds

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White Widow price comparison – feminized seeds

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White Widow price comparison – autoflowering feminized seeds

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How to Set Up a Cheap Grow Room

Want to set up a grow room but don’t have a big budget? Don’t worry. You can set up a cheap grow room and grow yourself some healthy potent weed without having to spend hundreds of pounds, euros or dollars (or whatever currency you’re working in).

Firstly you need to set up the enclosed grow room or grow box itself. Then you need to…

Happy Haze Feminized Seeds

Happy Haze feminized seeds

Happy Haze is, obviously, derived from Haze genetics, and is so called because of its highly euphoric effects.

Being a Haze, it’s Sativa-dominant, and is suitable for indoor or outdoor growing.

Happy Haze feminized seedsare not a quick grow however, with a flowering period of 12 – 14 weeks. Outdoors, this means you could be harvesting as late as November. (So if you’re…


How Frequently Should Your Cannabis Plants Be Watered?

While we are all aware of the critical nature of water, many novice cannabis gardeners disregard irrigation techniques or, worse, develop watering plans on the spot.

Optimal Indoor Cannabis Growing Humidity Levels

The marijuana plant’s life cycle is divided into many phases, each requiring unique circumstances to progress the marijuana seeds from the seedling stage to the flowering stage.

How to Maintain a Healthy Soil For Marijuana Seeds

Marijuana cultivation is a lengthy and rewarding process that begins literally at the ground level before buying wholesale Seeds For Sale Online.

Keep your Kind Seeds Fresh

However, the process of finding the right balance begins long before you buy weed. While no two cultivators dry their flowers the same way, they all dry their blooms and then cure them.

Are You Aware Of These Versatile Uses Of Marijuana Seeds?

The user base of marijuana (also known as cannabis) has been growing in the United States after its legalization.

Do You Know About These Health Benefits Of Medical Marijuana?

Cannabis, or marijuana as it is popularly known, is popular for its psychotropic properties that give the person consuming it a feeling of ‘high.

Remember To Provide These Soil Nutrients to Your Cannabis Plants

One of the important aspects of growing cannabis, or any plant for that matter, is the soil and nutrients you provide to the plants. It’s not just enough to plant your seeds in the soil and water them.

Understanding Seed Types for Cannabis Growing

A growing number of people are now experiencing the joys and rewards of growing cannabis. The process of cannabis growing is an enjoyable pursuit in itself.

Three Effective Tips to Store and Preserve Cannabis Seeds

The legalization of cannabis has opened the doors to popular usage for medicinal and recreational uses.

Did You Know These Facts About 710 In Cannabis?

If you have been a member of the cannabis community, you would have heard about the term 420. A widely used term related to cannabis.