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weed tech ai seed to sale


We’re a Seed-to-Sale startup. We weren’t going to pay the outrageous prices everyone else was demanding, so we made our own system. Now, we’re grinding as hard as we can to bring it to everyone for far less than anyone else. We don’t want to be taken advantage of by software developers trying to make a quick buck off of our industry, and we’d like to give all the Okies out here that same chance.

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Weed tech ai seed to sale

WhitePistils ™ is a seed-to-sale software designed exclusively for the legal cannabis grower. The software is designed and built in the US by Confianz Global inc ®.

WhitePistils ™ (patent pending) is powered by proprietary blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to provide the best cannabis compliance with government departments, full traceability from seed-to-sale, and a built-in consensus system for all parties to come to agreement on changes on data, otherwise not trusted in real life, using a secured private blockchain framework.

There are other seed-to-sale software companies out there, but none provide the security or regulatory compliance safeguards that come from utilizing blockchain and AI technologies. See for yourself how WhitePistils™ stands out from our competitors.

Key Capabilities

Whether you are a cultivator, processor, distributor or retailer, manage every aspect of your Cannabis business with Seed and Beyond ERP system: from marketing, sales, and customer support to finance, accounting, human resources, project management and compliance.


Track every individual plant through the different stages of cultivation and harvest, and maximize overall yield with our robust cultivation module. Optimize future yields and efficiencies and increase your profitability with ease.


Manage end-to-end manufacturing processes and optimize resources with our manufacturing modules. Gain insights and streamline workflows at each stage of manufacturing from extraction and refinement to the end product.


Manage inbound and outbound shipments, inventory levels, vendors, facilities and wholesale partners within a single interface. Track shipping and deliveries, and efficiently streamline the distribution of high quality Cannabis to consumers.


Monitor and manage your entire retail operations with Seed and Beyond’s Retail Module. Track real-time sales, control inventory, increase ROI, and simplify operations efficiently. Gain complete view of your customers and grow your Cannabis retail empire.


Manage logistic challenges by integrating data and business intelligence using our Seed and Beyond delivery module. Streamline orders, scheduling, payments, delivery and invoicing within a single platform. Track your fleet and optimize delivery of Cannibis to consumers.

Reporting and Analytics

Analyse data points, track key performance indicators and make intelligent and strategic decision with our extensive seed-to-sale Cannabis reporting and analytics platform. Connect to data and generate accurate reports across all different processes and share your reports in different formats and configurations.

Quality Control

Facilitate quality control testing and ensure that the products meet the required expectations. Track internal, customer and supplier quality activities and provide methodologies and efficient workflows for quality management.

Finance Management

Get an overall view of all your financial transactions with Seed and Beyond Finance Modules. Manage financial operations with other processes and improve your cash flow.

Sales and Customer Management

Manage your sales and customer lifecycle effectively. Understand customer needs better and meet their needs with Seed and Beyond’s CRM capabilities. Increase Cannabis sales, attract customers and improve sales operations with ease using our Sales and Customer Management modules.


Monitor, track and report every gram of Cannabis through your entire supply chain. Our system keeps track of changing regulatory needs and has modules to track and report necessary parameters adhering to cannabis regulations. Print Cannabis compliant labels customised to your business directly from the Seed and Beyond platform.