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Choosing cannabis seeds for five-star water hash

With the increasing popularity of cannabis concentrates and resin extractions, it’s only natural that more and more growers are looking for genetics that are well suited to these techniques. Whether you’re growing in a small grow tent for your own supply or in a huge legal cultivation facility for a dispensary, it’s always best to be as efficient and effective as possible, and that means getting the best return in terms of quality and quantity from the time, money and effort that you’ve invested cultivating.

Full-melt GG4 bubble hash

The selection of suitable genetics will be greatly influenced by the extraction method being used, as each technique has its own peculiarities and particular demands with regards to, for example, the trichome structure and terpene profile of the starting material. In other words, if you’re growing with the aim of making full-melt bubble hash then you may find that you get better results by choosing different varieties than if you were growing for live resin BHO extraction.

In this series of posts, we’ll talk about the varieties that are most suitable for each type of extraction process, putting you on the correct path to select the ideal hash plant for your particular needs. In this post, we’ll focus on some of the best seed varieties for making high-quality ice water hash, also known as bubble hash or iceolator.

Choosing genetics for full-melt bubble hash

If like us, you keenly follow the ever-changing trends of cannabis consumption then you’ll probably have heard of full-melt hash and how it’s regarded as the “creme-de-la-creme” of resin extractions. In this article, we’ll look at how important it is to choose the right genetics if you want to make the finest quality bubble hash for yourself.

Fresh Frozen full-melt iceolator of a Strawbanana Cream hybrid from TH Seeds

As the name suggests, this classification of solventless hash, also sometimes referred to as “5-star” hash, is so pure that it completely melts when it is vaporised or dabbed, leaving almost no residue behind. The purity of full melt hash is obvious to the eye, with the best examples having a very light colour and an almost-crystalline look to them. Apart from being visually stunning, this high purity means that the flavours, aromas and effects are maximised, making this arguably the most highly sought-after form of cannabis concentrate among true connoisseurs.

Genetics & cultivation skill – the foundation of 5-star hash

While there is no question that it takes careful and conscientious work by a skilled hash maker to achieve such pristine results, the reality is that the path towards full melt water hash begins not in the hash lab but in the grow room, where the care and conditions that plants receive are fundamental in producing high-quality resin for the hash maker to work with.

But as important as your growing skills are, it’s not enough just to have green fingers. it’s crucial that you cultivate plants that produce the correct type of resin to make full melt hash and to realise that not every cannabis plant is capable of doing that. Some plants are simply more genetically predisposed to producing 5-star bubble hash, due to factors such as flower structure, trichome type and the composition of the terpene profile.

This Do-Si-Dos hybrid has the kind of trichome coverage every hash maker dreams of!

Finding full-melt cultivars – clone or seed?

With that in mind, the grower who wishes to cultivate a “full-melt quality” cannabis plant is faced with two choices: either track down an elite clone that has already garnered a solid reputation among hash makers or, alternatively, make a new selection from seed. Getting a verified clone is not easy in most parts of the world, so selecting from seed is a very popular option among home growers and enthusiasts, especially if we can get seeds made using these original elite clones. It also has its own advantages, not only giving you a unique and special phenotype that no other growers or hash makers will have but also removing any risk of introducing pests or diseases to your grow area on infected clones.

Top-quality bubble hash of Purple Punch x Do-Si-Dos by Philosopher Seeds

Once you’ve decided to make a selection from seeds, it’s time to take a look at the cannabis varieties with the best reputation for producing first-grade resin. By getting to know which are the most consistently successful genetic lines in this field, you will be much better prepared when it comes to choosing seeds for your full-melt pheno-hunt and by making the right choices when you buy your seeds, you can hugely increase your chances of finding a keeper. By studying the strains which consistently win the solventless categories of cannabis cups, as well as those that the world’s leading hash makers are working with, you can get a very good idea of the best genetics to start with.

Our choice of the best seeds for full-melt hash

Looking over the results of recent cannabis cups, as well as the most popular hash strains in dispensaries and cannabis clubs, it’s clear to see that, with very few exceptions, the best varieties seem to come from the Cookies, Chemdog and OG Kush families of genetics, and from the seemingly endless re-combinations of these three mainstays of modern cannabis breeding, leading to a mindblowing range of cannabinoid-rich seed varieties with mouthwatering terpene profiles. Searching within these genetic groups is a surefire way to get amazing results in water hash, bit to make things even easier we’ve selected ten varieties that have caught our eye in particular.

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Sunset Sherbet by Apòthecary Genetics

This cross of Girl Scout Cookies with Pink Panties (Burmese Kush x Florida Kush) was originally created by San Francisco’s very own Cookie Fam and has since become very famous among growers, smokers and extractors for its extremely high resin and terpene production. Apothecary Genetics Sunset Sherbert offers an intense, full-body effect with a cerebral edge, with a terpene profile that blends the typical GSC aromas with powerful and exotic skunky, citric and sweet berry flavours. It’s a hugely popular variety among solventless hash makers and winner of Best Hash Rosin at the 2019 Spannabis Champions Cup with an entry from Barcelona’s HQ Club.

Sunset Sherbert from Apothecary Genetics

Black Garlic by Oni Seeds

As well as creating one of the most popular varieties of the last few years with Tropicanna Cookies, Oni Seeds boast a wide range of top-shelf hash-producing genetics and for this post, we’ve chosen to highlight Black Garlic strain, which crosses two varieties with well-proven hash championship pedigrees. The first is GMO (GSC x Chemdog), a clone-only selection of Chem Cookies from Mamiko Seeds which has recently gained quite a reputation for its huge returns and “loud” terpene profile. The other parent is Sour Dubble (Sour Diesel x Sour Bubble), also one of the parents of the hugely resinous hash strain Gorilla Glue (aka GG#4) making this a hybrid that is guaranteed to delight resin hunters!

Purple Punch x Do-Si-Dos by Philosopher Seeds

One of the most popular hybrids in the Philosopher Seeds catalogue, Purple Punch x Do-Si-Dos combines two strains already well-known for their potency and hash production, offering the best of OG Kush and Cookies genetics alongside the Californian classic Granddaddy Purple. By crossing Purple Punch (Larry OG x Granddaddy Purple) with Do-Si-Dos (OGKB x Face-Off OG), the breeders at Philosopher Seeds has created an Indica-dominant cannabis hybrid that combines a heavily sedative effect with outstanding organoleptic characteristics. The aromas and flavours are notable for their sweet base of grapes, blueberry muffins and Kool-Aid cake, a sugary, candy terpene profile fit for true cannabis connoisseurs.

Purple Punch x Do-Si-Dos from Philosopher Seeds

Banana Cake by Paisa Grow Seeds

By crossing two already famed hash strains in the shape of Wedding Cake (Triangle Kush x Animal Mints) and Monkey Banana (Banana Kush x Banana OG), Paisa Grow Seeds have created the spectacular Banana Cake, a fast-flowering, Indica-dominant hybrid with incredibly dense coverage of the highest-quality trichomes and a truly mouthwatering and exotic terpene profile with touches of banana, vanilla and tropical fruits on a creamy background.

Banana Cake from Paisa Grow Seeds

Kitchen Sink by Cannarado Genetics

Cannarado Genetics are one of those US seed banks that seem to produce hybrid after hybrid that are perfect for full-melt hash making, and this exciting cross between two authentic resin monsters is no exception! Kitchen Sink brings together the famously trichome-heavy GMO (GSC x Chemdog) with the delicious terpene profile of Sundae Driver (Fruity Pebbles OG x Grape Pie), resulting in a 50/50 Indica-Sativa cross with a huge amount of resin and a complex sweet, dessert, candy terpene profile that makes for the tastiest top-quality bubble hash.

KmintZ by Ripper Seeds

Ripper Seeds are a Spanish seed bank who, over the last few years, have competed in, and won, countless cannabis cups with their varieties, focussing particularly on the solventless categories where they really have truly excelled and set themselves apart from the competition, taking both first and second prizes in 2020’s Spannabis Champions Cup with KmintZ and OMG, respectively. For this list, we’ve chosen the first-place winner, KmintZ, an amazing cross using the elite clone Zkittlez (Grape Ape x Grapefruit x Unknown) and Seed Junky Genetics’ Kush Mint (Bubba Kush x Animal Mints) and a plant that delivers an insane quantity of resin with intensely potent and persistent aromas and flavours that make it a worthwhile choice for any hash-making grower.

KmintZ from Ripper Seeds

Papaya x THC Bomb by Purple City Genetics

Papaya is one of those old-school hybrids that had been almost forgotten about until it began to make a comeback in the last few years after winning a few hash prizes and being incorporated into the breeding programme of top US seed banks, most notably Oni Seeds. Here, Purple City Genetics have crossed this Jack Herer x Skunk hybrid with THC Bomb, a plant of unknown genetic origin that has, nevertheless, become a firm favourite with many hash makers due to its big yields, a high percentage of THC and suitability for making bubble hash. The result of this cross of Papaya x THC Bomb is a vigorous Indica-dominant plant that offers highly resinous buds with a flavour profile that references ripe fruit and papayas, strawberry bubble gum with sweet candy and skunk touches.

Sublimator by R-KIEM Seeds

Gorilla Glue #4 aka Original Glue aka GG4 is, as many of you will already know, a strain made famous for its high-quality resin and huge returns in extractions but not always appreciated for its flavour. It does, however, cross very well with other, more terpene-rich varieties and that’s exactly what the team at R-KIEM Seeds have done here with Sublimator, matching GG4 with the intensely flavourful Sour Banana (Sour Diesel x Banana Sherbet). The result is an easy-to-grow hybrid that retains all of the astounding resin production of GG4 but with the welcome addition of an acidic, sour and fruity kush terpene profile that will have your taste buds going crazy!

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Sublimator from R-Kiem Seeds

Forbidden Cake by Elev8 Seeds

Wedding Cake (Triangle Kush x Animal Mints) is very popular Cookies/Kush variety that has already made an appearance in our list, and here it forms part of this hybrid from Elev8 Seeds who, to create Forbidden Cake strain, have crossed it with Forbidden Fruit, another of the most highly-prized hash varieties of recent years and winner of plenty of cups and competitions. A cross of Cherry Pie and Tangie, Forbidden Fruit is packed with the intense citric aromas that made it so popular with consumers, as well as being a huge hit with cannabis breeders wanting to inject some seriously fruity flavours into their genetic work. In this case, the combination with Wedding Cake serves to intensify the terpene profile, augmenting the aromas of ripe tropical fruit, gas and cookies and to reinforce the dense layer of resinous trichomes that coats the flowers and sugar leaves of this stunning plant, offering the opportunity for full-melt bubble hash with unforgettable organoleptic qualities.

Stracciatella by TH Seeds

Amsterdam cannabis legends TH Seeds present Stracciatella cannabis strain, a cross combining two very potent and flavourful all-star hash varieties in the shape of Do-Si-Dos (OGKB x Face-Off OG) from Oregon’s Archive Seeds and Strawbanana Cream (Strawberry Banana x White OG) bred by Holland’s Karma Genetics. Both varieties have been proven to work very well in hybrids, readily passing on their most positive characteristics of producing the highest-quality resin in solventless extractions alongside truly outstanding terpene profiles that are sure to satisfy the most choice palates!

Stracciatella (Do-Si-Dos x Strawbanana Cream) by TH Seeds

With this list, we hope that we’ve set you out on the right track to success in your pheno-hunt for an epic hash plant, now all that remains is to make your final choice of genetics and start growing them so you can get washing as soon as possible!

Top 10 Best Seed Banks with American Genetics

Today, we intend to update you with the latest information about the best American cannabis seed banks in their catalogues, even though some of these genetics are in the best clinics in states where recreational use is permitted.

In addition, some of these varieties are the most widely sold in California dispensaries, delighting a multitude of users, both medicinal and recreational, offering chemotypes on their shelves with analyses contrasted by outside laboratories, providing with these varieties of cannabis, a quality and homogeneity in their cannabinoid and terpene relationships never seen before.

That is why we can only give in to the evidence of all these seed banks, which currently provide the best medicinal and recreational marijuana in the world, also from a consolidated European base, since in the United States there has been no commercial cultivation of cannabis seeds for sale due to federal restrictions, but they are more advanced in the activities related to the distribution of the final product, also supported by growers.

Our European seed banks have been able to capture the evolution and essence of the cannabis market, relying on the knowledge of these expert American breeders, importing their genetics and bringing breeding to European latitudes. We can also be proud of the fact that some of these seed banks are Spanish, which have taken the initiative in taking advantage of their high knowledge of cannabis cultivation and marketing.

We show you! Let’s get started!?

Dinafem Seeds: His OG Kush is flooding California

Many of their varieties are already authentic cult genetics, and no less than their American genetics such as OG Kush and Bubba Kush, being also leaders in the sale of seeds, there is no doubt that these two varieties are among the top ten in the world.

Click here for more information about Dinafem Seeds

OG Kush – Dinafem Seeds

Sweet Seeds: Breeders par excellence

One of the greats in breeding, now he is also in the breeding of American genetics.

They also boast about it, including in their web catalogue an exclusive American genetics section. It goes without saying that some of his recent creations such as San Fernando Lemon Kush and Killer Kush, in their autoflowering format and Fast version, have been very successful.

Click here for more information about Sweet Seeds

San Fernando Lemon Kush – Sweet Seeds

Humboldt Seeds Organization: Authentic American flavour

Although we know that they belong to one of the major European banks, they are presented as an exclusive American bank, although it is true that their entire image, inspiration and genetics of marijuana are 100% an American dream. The Green Crack and D. O. G. Black varieties are two examples of this and have been very successful in California clinics.

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Click here for more information about Humboldt Seeds

Black D.O.G – Humboldt Seeds

DNA Genetics: The Mastery of L. A. Confidential

Although of Dutch origin, they couldn’t hide their American links, which was revealing when they launched their L. A. Confidential variety, whose success was such that this genetics was followed by hybrids on the other side of the pond but also by European hybrids such as Velvet OG and The OG#18, all award-winning, world-renowned and widely sold in clinics. They also have a private gene pool called the California Republic.

Click here for more information about DNA Genetics

L.A. Confidential – DNA Genetics Seeds

Royal Queen Seeds: Kingship made of seeds

It’s another big fat cannabic monster. The high quality of its breeders has made this bank delight us from the highest level with varieties even imported from the United States. We cannot deny in the great work they have done with some of them such as their Royal Gorilla, which does not cease to be a Gorilla Glue raised, adapted and reproduced by their breeders in the purest Royal Queen style and its OG Kush, which evidently proves its provenance. Without even changing his name.

Click here for more information about Royal Queen Seeds

Royal Gorilla – Royal Queen Seeds

Soma Seeds: The East Coast DNA

The seed bank founded by Marc Rossman (Soma, originally from Connecticut), a militant businessman who emigrated to Amsterdam in the 1990s and much of 2000, was the creator of the authentic American varieties New York City Diesel (father of the current Sour Diesel) and G13-Haze.

We don’t know if the legend of the G-13 variety is true or not, what we do know is that Soma has already marketed this variety when in Spain the Grow Shops started to open their doors.

Click here for more information about Soma Seeds

New York City Diesel – Soma Seeds

Delicious Seeds: A Passion Realized

Those of us who know Ruben, one of the founders of this seed bank, knew that his predilection for the American market was based on his hope of regulation, being the first legal cannabic market in the world today.

In this sense, over the past two years, Delicious Seeds, although it is a Spanish seed bank, has managed to position itself in some of the best recreational cannabis dispensaries in the United States, placing varieties such as Desconocida Kush (another OG Kush adapted to Ruben’s personality) and Eleven Roses (a Black Rose Sugar with an exquisite crossbreeding with American parents). The result has no words.

Click here for more information about Delicious Seeds

Eleven Roses – Delicious Seeds

Dutch Passion: Cannabic passion in the dispensaries

This Dutch seed bank has already distinguished itself through its experimentation and importation of genetics from all over the world since its creation. It was no less than to launch a very American genetics of the Emerald triangle, like California Orange Bud, later known as Orange Bud.

In its catalogue you can take advantage of its new variety Orange Bud Autoflowering, and of course if you travel to California and go through a dispensary you will see Dutch passion varieties like Frisian Dew or Skywalker on the shelves, in addition to the above mentioned Orange.

Click here for more information about Dutch Passion

Skywalker – Dutch Passion

Green House Seeds: Franco Loja’s legacy

Although we don’t like the arrogance with which Arjan makes his varieties known by making himself known as the king of cannabis, we have to admit that the real breeder of Green House and Strain Hunters, Franco Loja, has a lot of merit. His demise in early 2017 was a setback for the entire sector, as his work as an activist and promoter of legalization in the world is difficult to emulate.

Green House not only combined purebred breeds in its genetics, but also used genetics with a long history of Diesel in its base, being a clear example of this Chemdog, a variety that Arjan managed to bring to Canada for its joint venture with Cannopy Growth.

Click here for more information about Green House Seeds

Chemdog – Green House

PEV Bank Seeds: Love for authenticity

Of great commercial character and excellent in their professional treatment to the average European grower, they soon bet on the development and education of their own varieties, including genetics that little by little implement their vast catalogue of varieties such as Bruce Banner and Gorilla Vip, imported replicas, fruit of the trips that our beloved Alan has made along the west coast.

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Bruce Banner – Pev Bank


All of these seed banks are topical, some because they are sales leaders, others because of their growth in the market and others because they offer varieties that are well known at health clinics in the United States.

We hope this summary was to your liking and that you had fun with the information we provide, especially if you are thinking of choosing an American variety for your crop..