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Agriculture tree

Agriculture tree allows you to research plant seeds, hunting/fishing/survival tools, apiaries for bees, items for handling Farm Beasts and pets, etc.

See the page Research for “how it works” information.

List of nodes


Aenema Flowers

The searing hot petals of the Aenema plant are packed with useful Caliginous Gas just waiting to be extracted. Now that you can cultivate your own Aenema, you will have easy access to that resource.

  • 800xResearch

Aquatic Plants

You’ve learned how to develop some specialized plants that enhance your mobility in water, and created Vorit, a strange jelly-like mushroom which allows you to breathe normally underwater or even in a total vacuum for a while, then harmlessly passes through your system.

Aquapods are especially useful for the copious amounts of genetic information they contain, in both the seeds and bulbs.

  • 800xResearch
  • 10xKelp


You’ve learned to raise bees in an apiary to provide you with useful resources. Make an Apiary Crafting Station at your Machining Table to get started.

Raising bees is pretty complex. If you’re not sure how, buy a guide from the Bee Refuge in the Science Outpost, accessible once you leave your starter planet.

As a simple starter tip, you need a microscope-identified queen, a matching microscope-identified drone, one or more frames, and some flowers planted nearby for production to start.

  • 500xResearch

Improved Beekeeping

You can make bigger bee apiaries and more useful Frames to supplement their production.

  • 900xResearch
  • 1xApiary Crafting Station

Advanced Beekeeping

You can make even more powerful Frames that drastically improve your bees’ efficiency.

  • 1350xResearch
  • 1xLarge Apiary

Efficient Beekeeping

You can make advanced Frames that drastically improve your hives.

  • 1850xResearch
  • 1xScented Frame

Ultimate Beekeeping

You have achieved a truly enviable master’s degree. You have managed to make your hives produce efficiently.

  • 2400xResearch
  • 1xSuperior Scented Frame

Blister Bush

You’ve learned to grow the gross-but-useful Blister Pods. They’re bioluminescent, and can be used in making weapons and armor, as well as lights for decorating your base.

  • 400xResearch
  • 4xBio Sample
  • 10xBioluminescent Spore

Basic Combat Plants

The universe is a hostile place, with countless monsters and enemies out for your blood and few allies to stand alongside. Your research levels the playing field, fortifying your health and increasing your defenses to shield you from harm.

  • 2000xResearch
  • 80xGenes

Advanced Combat Plants

Your studies have borne fruit, granting you the ability to grow stronger varieties of fortifying plants, as well as a curious tentacled plant that reflects damage back at those who would seek to harm you.

  • 4000xResearch
  • 160xGenes

Superior Combat Plants

Through much experimentation, you’re gradually becoming a force to be reckoned with. Your plants can strengthen you to inhuman levels, sap your enemies’ life and increase the damage you deal out.

  • 6000xResearch
  • 240xGenes

Master Combat Plants

An unstoppable juggernaut, you now hunt those who used to prey upon you, draining their vitality even as you slay them with your organic weapons. The universe is yours to take now, and your genetic weaponry is unparalelled.

  • 8000xResearch
  • 320xGenes

Basic Crops

Though the universe is filled with many strange plants, the Protectorate academy taught you about quite a few. You’ve learned to start culvtivating these plants for yourself at a Greenhouse which can be made at your Machining Table . You can also (crudely) extract genetic material from plants for use in the creation of more complex plants at a Sprouting Table , also made at your Machining Table.

Tip: Grow lots of corn! Corn is an incredibly versatile crop, being a source of oil, cattle feed, and the basis of many more complex plants.

  • 120xResearch
  • 2xLiving Root

Advanced Crops

You’ve mastered all the plants the Protectorate Academy taught you about, allowing you to artificially create many more plants, including the all-important Cotton .

You’re ready to start branching into making various medicinal plants that don’t provide satiation, but don’t spoil and provide useful buffs like environmental resistance, healing, increased stats, or even act as weapons!

You’ll need genes from this point on – found by processing seeds, saplings and some produce in the Sprouting Table or its upgrades. Some plants produce more seeds than others: flowers unsuited for dye-making are a good early source of seeds.

  • 750xResearch
  • 10xGenes

Energetic Plants

You’ve created a family of plants that fortify your natural energy reserves, including Energiflower, a plant so packed with energy that it can even power your ship’s FTL drive.

  • 600xResearch

Basic Exploration Plants

The universe is a dangerous place, filled with many environments your physiology isn’t equipped to handle. Your research has given you access to a number of plants that make the universe a little more forgiving, including plants that assist in traversing difficult terrain, produce natural antitoxins, and shore up your physiology from dangerous climates.

  • 2000xResearch
  • 80xGenes

Advanced Exploration Plants

Further research has given you plants that can protect you entirely from poisons and acid, as well as shield you from the dangerous radiation of many alien materials.

  • 4000xResearch
  • 160xGenes

Superior Exploration Plants

You’re becoming especially adept at exploring alien worlds through the use of bioengineering, and have created several new plants protecting from more esoteric threats, including the crushing pressure of gas giants, eldritch ghosts, and even the poor mental health hours of slaving away over a gene lab results in.

  • 6000xResearch
  • 240xGenes

Master Exploration Plants

Your latest plants are a thing of beauty, protecting you from even the most dangerous worlds. Equipped only with the contents of your herb pouch, you’re now equipped to explore nearly any world imaginable, including those with lead-melting heat, atmospheres so cold it falls to the ground as snow and environments so radioactive that even the ground glistens with energy.

  • 8000xResearch
  • 320xGenes


You’ve learned some more complex methods of farming and can now build several helpful farming objects. The Growing Tray is the most important of these, as it will automatically grow seeds placed inside with the help of fertilizers that increase yields far beyond what is possible through manual labor. Craft it at your Foraging Station .

  • 320xResearch

Advanced Farming

With a Heatlamp Tray made at your Electronics Center , you can turn electrical power into faster plant growth. They’ll use more water per plant than a Growing Tray, but the added speed is worth it!

In addition, you’ve learned to create hydroponic and aeroponic tubing, more advanced sprinkler systems, and other useful farming enhancements for farming the old-fashioned way if you prefer that.

  • 600xResearch
  • 1xGrowing Tray

Farming Mastery

You can make an hydroponics-powered Growing Tray that operates even faster when powered, and doesn’t use extra water like the Heatlamp Tray does. You can find it at your Electronics Center .

  • 1050xResearch
  • 1xHeatlamp Tray

Basic Fishing

Fishing is both a useful survival skill and a relaxing hobby. You can now create a basic fishing rod and use it to catch fish in bodies of water.

  • 300xResearch

Fishing Techniques

You can craft better quality fishing tackle, enabling you to catch fish with greater ease.

  • 1500xResearch
  • 1xFishing Rod

Master Wrangler

With your knowledge of fishing, you can create a nearly perfect fishing rod.

  • 2800xResearch
  • 1xDurable Fishing Rod


You’ve learned how to build a Foraging Table which is the place to invest into agricultural pursuits and hunting. You also learn to make some simple farming tools and a means to capture useful wild bugs.

Investing into this tree will allow you to learn to create your own plant seeds to grow foodstuffs or useful effect-granting plants, how to raise farm beasts, how to hunt and fish, advanced farming techniques and how to raise bees.

  • 90xResearch
  • 10xDirt
  • 10xCobblestone
  • 10xTimber

Garp Berries

You’ve created Garp berries, an incredibly useful plant which can be used both eaten to protect yourself from radioactive burns, and processed in your extraction lab to create the rare and extremely useful Alien Compound.

  • 800xResearch
  • 6xNeptunium Rod


You’ve learned hunter-gatherer skills like trapping, fishing and creating specialized weapons designed to maximize usable material from the things you kill.

  • 320xResearch

Advanced Gathering

You’ve vastly improved in hunter-gathering tactics and can create far more capable hunting tools than before.

  • 700xResearch
  • 1xHunting Bow

Master Gathering

You’ve mastered hunter-gatherer tactics and can make top-shelf hunting gear.

  • 1440xResearch
  • 1xTungsten Hunting Bow


You’ve learned how to raise farm animals and also designed a few cabinets designed to lure and capture wild bugs.

  • 320xResearch

Advanced Husbandry

You can make even better animal feed and some automated devices to collect products from them, saving you the trouble.

  • 600xResearch
  • 1xTrough

Master Husbandry

Top of the line gear for keeping your farm animals healthy and happy.

  • 1050xResearch
  • 1xLarge Trough

Kadavan Crops

You’ve learned to cultivate some strange Avikan crops, farmed by a race of starfaring nomads originally from the planet Kadavan.

  • 500xResearch
  • 10xCactus

Essence Cultivation

Using the properties of Quantum Fluid, you are able to make a plant that grows Ancient Essence botanically. Essence is very useful for upgrading weapons at ancient crucibles.

  • 21600xResearch
  • 1000xAncient Essence
  • 50xQuantum Fluid


You’ve learned to create some simple survival aids – namely portable light sources to help with exploration.

  • 200xResearch

Advanced Survival

You can make brighter, better lights and a few advanced survival tools.

  • 750xResearch
  • 1xLantern Stick

Master Survival

You can craft top of the line lights and survival tools.

  • 1440xResearch

Basic Training

Your training, thanks to four years in the Protectorate Academy, provides you with basic survival skills to keep you alive for extended periods in the event of a crash.

Thornitox Weaponry

Thornitox isn’t good for eating, but it’s a thick, tough vine that can create weapons perfect for killing.

  • 800xResearch
  • 10xBone

Throwable Plants

Unsatisfied with simply eating the plants you grow, you’ve created new strains which can be thrown as weapons, to share them with your foes as well.

  • 400xResearch
  • 10xVolatile Powder

Advanced Throwable Plants

You’ve created a number of even stronger plants, which are devastating when thrown, and in the case of hellfire plants can even be used to create some powerful weapons, with some further research in the weaponry tree.

  • 800xResearch

Tree Cloning

You’ve used your knowledge of genetic engineering to splice trees together into strange combined forms with the trunk of one tree and the leaves of another. The possibilities are immense, and experimentation will yield great results.

  • 750xResearch
  • 10xAdvanced Plastic

Basic Utility Plants

The universe is a gruelling place, requiring great effort to extract the meanest of resources from it. Your research uses the miracle of life to lift this burden, by creating plants which provide silk, genetic resources, healing, and mining aids, saving your valuable resources and effort for where they’re needed elsewhere.

  • 2000xResearch
  • 80xGenes

Advanced Utility Plants

Through careful experimentation, you’ve created plants that produce incredibly useful resources, including organic silicon, radiation-resistant silk and enhanced algae which can be processed into fuel for your ship and mech.

  • 4000xResearch
  • 160xGenes

Superior Utility Plants

An adept at genetic engineering, you’ve begun to create plants which greatly light your way in the darkness, beyond the level that Gold Shroom was capable of. You’re also experimenting with organic performance enhancers, including those which protect your body from lethal falls and gravitic rain.

  • 6000xResearch
  • 240xGenes

Master Utility Plants

The plants you’ve learned to make would be illegal in any Olympics, if Earth still existed. You can now run at breakneck speeds, jump up sheer surfaces and even alter the strength of gravity on your body, all with the use of plants. You’ve also dipped into stranger, less corporeal realms, and created a type of plant which can be eaten in a life-or-death situation to pull you away to safety.

  • 8000xResearch
  • 320xGenes

Improved Gene Extraction

The sprouting table is a little slow for your liking, so you made a more complex electronic version, which will be critical to your future research efforts. Craft it at your Auto-Assembler .

  • 600xResearch
  • 2xTungsten Bar

Amazing Gene Extraction

You’ve improved even further on your Xenolab design. Your new Advanced Xenolab works incredibly fast.


You can help the Official Barotrauma Wiki by expanding it.

Gardening is a mechanic in Barotrauma allowing submariners to grow renewable resources from the safety of their submarine. There are four different growable plants that produce special fruits which can be crafted into different items, or just thrown about and splattered on the hulls of the sub.

The seeds can be bought either in a city and/or a research outposts, found in submarine wrecks or by deconstructing fruits.

They can be also deconstructed, each yielding 1 carbon.



To start a garden, first place a Small Planter Box inside the submarine. Then, use a Seed on the box in order to plant it.

The bud consumes water over time and grows. A Watering Can is used to refill the Planter Box with fresh water.

When mature, the plants will bear and drop fruits by the Planter Box.

If the water in the Planter Box runs out, the plant will die. Dead plants can be uprooted by hand, allowing the Planter Box to be repotted or removed entirely.

Planter Boxes in contact with seawater will be drained of their fresh water supply.

Fertilizers can be used on Planter Boxes to double the growing speed.

Seeds can be stored in Seed Bags.

Deconstructing fruits yields its seed and either Carbon or Sodium.


Name Uses Yield
Raptor Bane Seed Yields Raptor Bane which can be processed into Raptor Bane Extract, a nauseant for humans, a lethal poison for Mudraptors.

Yields Mutated Raptor Bane which has no use but recycling.

Yields Mutated Pomegrenade which will explode, deal damage, and start a fire upon even a light impact with the ground/platform. Will not explode if it spawns on a platform directly.

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but you can pet doretta, lootbugs, god knows what else.

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