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what to do if weed have seeds reddit

What to do with seedy weed?

So one of my dealers has had their crop go to seed, and he’s offered some to me dirt-cheap. He says it’s nice otherwise. I know it’s generally frowned upon, but I’m happy to use it as an emergency stash if I run out.

What’s the best thing to do with it? Should I spend time picking them out or just grind it all and throw it in my vape? Will it vape harsher or give a lousy high? Or should I make edibles, just decarbing seeds and all?

If I pick the seeds out, is it worth doing anything with them? I’m thinking making edibles just from the seeds, passing the seeds on to a grower I know, or throwing them into a secluded hedgerow and seeing whether nature takes care of them and I can pick up some low-quality but free weed later. I’m not interested in growing my own at home, the setup costs and the risks both seem too high.

I’ve tried googling but all I seem to find is sites selling seeds.

Found a seed in my weed, question is. would it grow.

So yes, noob grower alert haha; but I was grinding up the last of my Strawberry Girl Scout Cookies, wishing I had more, when lo and behold I found two intact seeds in my grinder when I was getting ready to bowl it up. Question is, would they grow? I'd love to have more, I'd love to grow, but I have no idea if they chemically kill the seeds or breed the plants to produce duds only. Any help would be awesome, in the meantime; toke on brothers!!