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where to buy exotic weed seeds

Exotic Seeds Feminized

Exotic Seeds is a Dutch seed bank that has a warehouse in Madrid from where they promote, create and distribute their seeds all over Spain. They have a very complete catalogue of feminized and automatic strains from the best indicas to the purest, highest yielding sativas. This seeds are top quality and are easy and fun to grow as long as you give them what they need. Their team of breeders is highly professional, and each of their strains has been worked on extensively in order to make for balanced, productive plants.

Buy Exotic Seed Strains

Spicy Bitch is one of their star strains, as this peculiar hybrid offers quite a psychoactive and social high. It comes from a cross between Reina Madre and an AK 47 Pre 2000 clone that was carefully chosen. It’s 80% Sativa, and can produce an enormous 700g per outdoor plant and 500g indoors with 9 plants per square meter. Outdoors it’ll take until October until you can harvest it. It has some deep Old School flavors, similar to lavender and highly pungent when smoked.

Mango Cream is another amazing strain by Exotic Seeds, as it’s one of the tastiest plants that their breeders have made. It’s a 75% indica strain that is extremely easy to grow and produces above-average yields. It comes from a Somango (Blueberry x NYCD) x F5, making for delicious flavors and almost medicinal effects. You can harvest around 480g with 9 plants per square meter indoors. Outdoors it’ll be ready towards October, and 9 flowering weeks indoors. Mango Cream can easily deal with higher temperatures as well as insect infestations.

Lemon Candy is the last strain we’re going to talk about; this plant is strong and can grow quite tall. It was born after crossing an American Indica and a beautiful NYCD; Lemon Candy is more than capable of becoming your favorite this summer. It offers quite a balanced genetic makeup – 55% sativa and 45% indica. This plant doesn’t give extremely large yields, but its amazing effect is definitely worth the small sacrifice. You can harvest up to 400g with 9 plants per square meter if planted under 600w lights, and 700g per outdoor plant towards October if done properly.

Exotic Seeds

With the combination of the qualities of Dutch, Spanish and American genetics. Exotic Seeds create unique and innovative cannabis seeds.

Now, after a long, tedious period of crossing, testing and obviously, tasting! Exotic seeds bring a new line of fine genetics to the table. Adding to their already outstanding line of cannabis seeds.

“The creators of our high quality seeds have over 20 years of experience and strong roots in the international cannabis seed family. Our mother company is based in Amsterdam and have been active since 2009. We are a new brand but not a newcomer. After a long period of crossing, producing, tasting and testing we are proud to present our one of a kind, high quality seed assortment.”

In 2016, exotic Seeds decided to begin entering Cannabis competitions. To nobodies surprise they won. In fact, Exotic have won an award in every competition they have entered. Including;

  • 2016 Expogrow, Irun, Spain – 1st Place Autoflower Category – Monster Mash
  • 2017 Cannaval Tenerife, Spain – 2nd Place Profesional Category – Spicy Bitch
  • 2018 Herbes del Dimoni, Mallorca – 1st Place Indoor Category – Herz OG

Coffee Shop Seeds are proud to offer Expert Seeds fine cannabis seed genetics.