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where to find harry potter weed seeds

Ministry of Cannabis

Here we are, in 2020, with more cannabis seed banks and weed strains than most of us know what to do with.

Yes, it is difficult to single out just one cannabis seed bank to get your weed seed supply stocked up, but how do you know which the best cannabis seed company is? The answer is more straightforward than you may realize.

Cannabis seeds are more popular than ever. And with the market widening with each day, there are more and more seed banks to choose from. But guess what? Seed City has your back- we will provide you with everything you should know about one of the more popular cannabis seed companies; the Ministry of Cannabis.

The Roots

The Ministry of Cannabis was not founded in a Harry Potter book, but it was founded in the equally popular city we all love and know; Amsterdam 13 years ago in 2007. Today, however, the cannabis seed powerhouse has moved its headquarters to Barcelona, Spain.

The Ministry of Cannabis seed bank has become renowned for its strain and seed innovation- whether it’s breeding, research, or development, the Ministry of Cannabis has been making waves in the cannabis industry and its sea of uncertainty.

The Founders

The ‘founding fathers’ of the Ministry of Cannabis have been in the industry for around fifteen years, and as such, have accumulated vast experience with the industry’s leading breeders and cultivators.

The Mission

According to the team over at the Ministry of Cannabis, they have a simple mission that drives the company. That is to offer the world’s most popular strains and ensure that quality seeds and strains are available to everyone. Furthermore, the Ministry of Cannabis strive to continually expand strain research and development to offer the best strains and genetics.

The company has its own in-house breeders and is the creator of several well known (and well-loved) strains such as Zensation and Carnival. While these two are relatively new strains, they have rapidly become regulars at dispensaries as well as a popular choice for people looking to buy quality weed seeds online.

Ministry of Cannabis launched their first autoflower varieties in 2008, and these were both in feminized and regular forms. And by 2009, the seed company had transitioned their full seed selection in feminized seeds. Now, in 2020, all of their seeds for sale are feminized due to demand.

One characteristic that sets this cannabis seed company at the forefront of the industry is their commitment to excellent customer service and offer personal attention to both the buyer at home as well as larger commercial cultivators.

Are you looking for a decent selection of quality medical marijuana seeds? Whatever you are looking for, you can find a Ministry of Cannabis seed strain right here at Seed City that suits your needs.

Whether you are looking for an all-time favorite or are ready to try a new, hybridized strain, there is something for everyone.

Some heavyweight greats include Northern Lights and White Widow, while some newer varieties are the Hay-Z, Carnival, and Zensation. Many people like to shop for their cannabis seeds based on Indica, sativa and hybrid categorization, and we have a large variety for you to choose from.
With the aim of industry innovation in mind, Ministry of Cannabis has partnered with other reputable cannabis breeders to create the highest quality strains.

If you don’t feel like going through our list of recommendations and simply want to start with something simple, you’ll find easy success with a tried and true favorite, Big Bud XXL. Big Bud XXL is arguably one of the most popular seed strains from Ministry of Cannabis. Coming in at a close second place is Carnival (a seed that is produced entirely in Spain)

Let’s take a closer look at the 12/12 photoperiod cannabis seeds from Ministry of Cannabis…

What are feminized seeds?

Feminized seeds are female seeds, and would only grow as a female plant. These types of seeds are more sought after than their regular counterparts and as such Ministry of Cannabis do not produce regular strain versions.

How are the best cannabis seeds feminized?

There are a variety of methods used, but the most popular methods include the use of colloidal silver, gibberellin acid, and other similar substances that can be used to ensure that the female plants produce male pollen. With both parents being female, only the X chromosomes will be passed on. And therefore, the seeds will always be female (well, 99,9% of them will be female).

Buy the Best Cannabis Seeds Online

Ministry of Cannabis state that their strains have the benefits of:

  • Uniform growth
  • Female plants and female buds(more 99% guarantee)
  • Genetic reliability
  • High durability against stress

Best Feminised Seeds for Sale Online

When you buy cannabis seeds online, it doesn’t have to be a risky endeavor. Seed City is reputable and trustworthy, offering you the best seeds from top-rated breeders. Take a look at the following tried and true best sellers:

Top 3 Ministry of Cannabis seed strains:

Northern Lights is one of the most iconic and popular strains. It is no surprise that this all-time favorite is cemented in the cannabis strain hall of fame. Northern Lights is a descendant of some of the best landrace strains (indigenous Afghani and Thai) and carries a robust genetic profile that allows it to develop some of the juiciest buds oozing with resin. And because of its strong genetics, it has seen the birth of several other strains like Super Silver Haze and Shiva Skunk that have all gone on to receive stoner stardom.

Big Bud XXL is an indica dominant strain that carries 80% indica and 20% sativa. This strain has become a favorite amongst the cannabis community due to its high resistance to stress, and high-quality yields. When growing this strain, you will appreciate the rapid flowering time (7-8 weeks), and the 1kg average yield per plant should leave you smiling.

White Widow is one of the most popular strains, from Amsterdam cafes to backyard bud enthusiasts; this strain is famous for all the right reasons. The White Widow has been described as a balanced hybrid offering large crystal-covered buds.

Some of our other favorites include:

  • Carnival Feminised Seeds for sale
  • Zensation Feminized seeds for sale
  • Mandarin Haze Feminized seeds for sale
  • Ultra White Amnesia Feminised seeds for sale

Buy Ministry of Cannabis cannabis seeds today

Is the Ministry of Cannabis a recommended seed bank?
The answer is a resounding yes. While their overall range of different strains is more limited than other seed banks, Ministry of Cannabis offers some of the best cannabis seeds for sale online. After years in the industry, Ministry of Cannabis provides reliability, innovation, and the highest quality seeds. Head on over now, and find the best weed seeds online!

‘Harry Potter: Wizards Unite’ Greenhouse Guide – On Seeds, Water, Growing Community Resources and More

If you’ve just started playing Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, chances are you’ve run into a building called a Greenhouse. Greenhouses serve several purposes in the game, but their use isn’t immediately apparent. If you’re curious about any aspects of Wizards Unite’s greenhouses, we’ve put together a complete guide to the structures including tips for growing ingredients, brewing potions, finding seeds and water and more.

What are Greenhouses? How do you find them?

If you look on your Wizards Unite map, you may see a blue, glass building. This is a greenhouse. Greenhouses, Inns and Fortresses are the three building types you’ll find in Wizards Unite and each serves a specific purpose. While greenhouses can be a great way to grab some extra spell energy and ingredients, it’s also a great place for community members to work together to grow valuable potion ingredients. Potions are used for everything from healing to increasing the effectiveness of your spells so they are a resource you’ll find quite useful as you progress through the game. If you are having trouble finding a greenhouse in your neighborhood, the best bet is to go to areas where people often gather. Parks, Libraries, Historical sites and other points of interest are great places to find greenhouses. You’ll usually find Fortresses and Inns nearby as well.

How To Use Greenhouses: On Growing and Gathering Resources

Greenhouses serve two different purposes. They provide quick resources and also a place to grow community resources as well. To gather free resources, players need to enter a nearby greenhouse. When they enter, they’ll encounter three potted plants floating in the air. Tap on the leaves of one of the potted plants and swipe up to “pick” it. This action will cause the rewards to release. Your rewards will often be a combination of spell energy and potion ingredients.

How to Grow Ingredients in Greenhouses

The other use for greenhouses is top grow additional spell ingredients. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Enter a Greenhouse
  2. Tap on the “Growing” tab at the bottom of the screen. A pot will appear in front of you. Tap on the “Grow” button to go to the growing menu.
  3. Choose a plant you have the resources to grow. You will know if you have the right resources when the “Grow” button is green. Greyed-out grow buttons mean you don’t have all the resources you need.
  4. Once you’ve selected the item you want to grow, a timer will begin. Once the timer comes to an end, this will mean your plant is ready to harvest.

IMPORTANT: Once a plant is fully grown, you will have 30 minutes to collect the resource before it disappears, so be sure to pay attention to when the plant is ready to harvest, so you don’t miss out!

How to Use Spells and Harvest with Friends

As we mentioned, plants grown in a greenhouse can be community resources, meaning anyone can come and gather the harvest when it’s ready. Players will get the same yield whether there is one person or 20 gathering the harvest. To increase the harvest yield, players can cast a Herbivicus Spell on the plant. Anyone is allowed to cast the spell and it will increase the yield for all players. This is a great way for an active community to work together to increase their resources quickly.

How to Find and Use Seeds and Water

As you will have noticed, to plant something in the Greenhouse requires having a specific number of seeds and water. If there is a particular resource you want to grow, we’ve provided a list of the seeds and water needed to produce these items. Seeds and water are one of the many resources found on the map. Seeds will look like rectangular packages on the ground and water will look like a watering can icon. Tap on these items on your map to collect them.

Where to find harry potter weed seeds

Naku Weed Seed are Materials (item) in Genshin Impact 2.5. Guide includes locations, how to farm, & where to get Naku Weed Seed.

Table of Contents

What Is Naku Weed Seed?

Category Materials
Detail Plant this item to get Naku Weed.

How To Get Naku Weed Seed & Location Map

How To Get
Can get from Seed Dispensary gadget

Pick-up from the Wild

You can receive seeds that corresponds with the type of plant you pick up from the wild.

You will not receive any seeds if you do not have the Seed Dispensary equipped while picking up plants.