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white dragon seeds

White Dragon

White Dragon from Eva seeds is the third ultra fast strain of its catalog.

White Dragon comes from a crossing between a selection of Afghan x Northern Lights, leading to an indica of high performance, power, flavor of afghan “Old School” and speed in bloom: Just 45 days!

The White Dragon is a strong-looking plant with good branching, with few leaves but with large resinous and compact buds.

This strain has a rather modest nutritional requirements, although it accepts well higher nutrient inputs.

Its effect is powerful and relaxing, ideal for smoking at night or for medicinal use. In the mouth we’ll notice wood flavor with a spice and reminiscent of hashish . In the nose the sensation is similar but it gives a hint of lemon.

Along with the known Papa’s Candy and Jamaican Dream, White Dragon completes this trio of fast flowering.

White Dragon

Potent and relaxing Indica, with an old-school Afghan taste. A powerful and productive plant with only 45 flowering days.

Fundamental parameters

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EVA Seeds White Dragon

White Dragon is a 100% Indica strain which was created by crossing the legendary Afgan and Norther Light genetics. The resulting strain produces robust branched plants, with dense resinous buds and not many leaves. White Dragon can be cultivated both – indoors and outdoors. Flowering time is very short and requires only 45 – 50 days. This variety has hashish and wood aroma and taste. The finished product offers very powerful and relaxing high, so is suitable for medicinal and night users.

Indoor Growing
Indoor Light: Energy-Saving And Sodium Recommended Height When Time Cycle Change: 50 – 70 cm
End Of Flowering Height: 80 – 100 cm
Weight/Yield (9 Per Meter): 40 To 70 g, Depending On Medium And Container Size

Outdoor Growing
Outdoor Sowing: Between April And July
End Of Flowering Height: From 2 to 3 meters, Depending On Sowing Time
Outdoor Harvest: From Start To Mid-October
Weight/Yield (In Soil): Between 500 g And 1 Kg

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