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white kryptonite seeds

White Kryptonite seeds

Buy White Kryptonite seeds online with Seedsbay. Here you will find detailed information on the White Kryptonite cannabis seeds, from specifications and reviews to flavors and effects. We have listed every seedshop where you can buy White Kryptonite seeds along their offers. Compare prices on White Kryptonite seeds and get the best deal for yourself!

Unfortunatly, there are no offers available to buy White Kryptonite seeds. Do you know a seedshop selling White Kryptonite seeds? Send us a message and we will add the offer as soon as possible.

Unfortunatly, there are no offers available to buy White Kryptonite seeds. Do you know a seedshop selling White Kryptonite seeds? Send us a message and we will add the offer as soon as possible.

White Kryptonite specifications

Read the White Kryptonite seed specifications in the table below. The values may vary between the different seedbanks where you can buy White Kryptonite seeds.

Variety 50% Indica and 50% Sativa
THC level 25%
CBD Level Low

About White Kryptonite seeds

The White Kryptonite strain is an indica dominant strain with a level of 25 percent THC. This strain has CBD levels which are pretty low. White Kryptonite is geneticly corresponding with Kryptonite and White Widow and the proportions are 50% indica and 50% sativa. White Kryptonite will grow into a fine marijuana plant with a great yield. Growing White Kryptonite seeds is fun and with the right info anyone can cultivate this cannabis plant, the White Kryptonite has an average flowering time.

The taste of White Kryptonite is as following: Sweet, Berry, Blueberry, Earthy and Pungent and is know for the euphoric, giggly, happy, relaxed and uplifted effects. There is no seedbank selling White Kryptonite seeds, as soon as we know a shop which are selling White Kryptonite seeds, we will post it here.

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White Kryptonite flavors

Is it good to know what the flavor of White Kryptonite is before you buy White Kryptonite seeds online. It said White Kryptonite tastes mostly like:

  • Sweet
  • Berry
  • Blueberry
  • Earthy
  • Pungent

White Kryptonite effects

You want to buy White Kryptonite seeds? Get yourself informed about the effects of the White Kryptonite strain. White Kryptonite is known for the following effects:

  • Euphoric
  • Giggly
  • Happy
  • Relaxed
  • Uplifted

White Kryptonite reviews

Read what other people has to say about White Kryptonite seeds.

Most helpfull

Magee from Hamilton

mmmmm pure sweetness, great strain to kinda relax and watch tv, or have a good conversation

White kryptonite seeds

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Kryptionite is a variety that to achieve it, we took several phenotypes of the Granada Mountains and crossed them with our strain in order to get a more narcotic plant, with stronger effect.

The outcome was this flowering strain. It’s a middle-seized plant, with long thin buds, but at the same time compact and heavy.

It has a deep green leafs that become clearer as the flowering progresses.

As for its taste, it has a touch of acid Haze due to its crossing with Yumbolt. It’s probably the fastest Sativa in the world.

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Kryptonite Feminised Seeds

Kryptonite is a poly-hybrid marijuana strain that was created from several different outdoor pheno-types growing in the mountains of Granada, Spain, crossed with a selection of Pyramid’s own plants. The desired result was a sativa-dominant plant with a powerful and intensely narcotic effect.

Kryptonite is an 80% sativa strain that can be grown indoors and outdoors with relatively fast flowering times. Indoor growers will see their efforts rewarded with plants that grow to between 80 – 180 cm. tall yielding as much as 600 gr/m 2 in 60 – 65 days flowering. Outdoor growers will have taller plants at anything up to 250 cm. producing between 500 – 1000 gr/plant for a September harvest in northern latitudes. Its buds are long and thin, as is the case with many sativas, yet quite dense and heavy with resin.

The taste of this weed is similar to Haze albeit with an acidic after-taste which it gets from its Yumbolt component. THC production is 17% along with 1.9% CBD. Atypically for a sativa-dominant plant the effect is powerfully sedative/narcotic in nature allowing a deep feeling of total relaxation.