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Willie’s Remedy, a line of products that focuses entirely on non-psychoactive CBD- infused products ranging from coffees to tinctures. Watch out, Willie Nelson! A new competitor entered the hemp-based market, and the new competitor is a fellow musician too!

I Tried Willie Nelson’s New Brand: Willie’s Remedy

Although Willie Nelson is known for his music, he has also catapulted two different cannabis brands onto the market, Willie’s Reserve and Willie’s Remedy. The latter, Willie’s Remedy, focuses entirely on non-psychoactive CBD- infused products ranging from coffees to tinctures.

I was initially intrigued by the lovely packaging and simple aesthetic. Beyond the surface, I really appreciate this brand for their focus on being environmentally sustainable and socially conscious. They select coffee from local farm cooperatives and have biodegradable tea bags, which is ideal because most commercial tea bags contain plastic.

This week I tried out three different types of CBD products from Willie’s Remedy.

The CBD- infused Coffee: ($25.50)

When I first tasted this coffee , I was transported back to the diner in my town. Just like the diner’s cup of joe, this coffee has a weak flavor. Initially, I brewed the coffee in my Keurig using a reusable K-cup, but quickly found that this was probably the worst way to make it. I moved on to a different, fool-proof method: pour over. I was able to get a stronger brew with the pour over. However, it still tasted and felt like a light roast coffee. Overall, the French press worked best.

Someone who likes a really light and soft flavor to their coffee might like this medium roast. But for those who prefer stronger blends, this grind is a pass.

Photo by Lauren Diaz

The concept of CBD and coffee having a child that makes you feel both calm and ready to conquer your day is intriguing to me. I hoped that the CBD infusion would wipe away some of the anxious jitters I tend to have after a strong cup of coffee. However, it didn’t deliver as I hoped. At only 14 mg per cup, I don’t think the cannabinoid content of this coffee was sufficient enough to work harmoniously with the caffeine.

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I experimented by putting some of Willie’s Remedy CBD tincture under my tongue before having the coffee. I found that the added 30 mg of CBD created a perfect potion.

Rating: 2/5 Emeralds

Willie’s Remedy: The Tincture: ($85)

I ingested this tincture with my coffee to boost the cannabinoid content and found that it really does deliver.

I was pleasantly surprised by the smell of this tincture. It’s got an intense flowery aroma and also tastes of cannabis. While I was fond of the strong flavor, I wouldn’t suggest this tincture to those who prefer their CBD to be camouflaged.

There is around 33 mg of CBD per full dropper, so this tincture provides a substantial amount of the cannabinoid. I started to prefer the convenience of taking a single dropper. Moments after ingesting it, I felt a rush of calmness come over me. One irritating thing about this tincture is that the dropper isn’t marked with measurements like other oils I’ve tried. It’s much easier to get an accurate dose when the dropper is marked.

Overall, this is a nice tincture that seems decently priced for the amount of CBD you get.

Rating: 4/5 Emeralds

Willie’s Remedy: The Teas: ($26 per tin)

I tried two different teas from Willie’s Remedy and both exceeded my expectations. Regardless of the CBD content, this is just some quality tea.

Photo by Lauren Diaz

The chamomile was perfectly paired with some crystalized honey and a little bit of almond milk. As for the hibiscus tea, it was a nice fruity blend that tasted good on its own. As someone who isn’t the biggest fan of herbal teas, I found both the chamomile and hibiscus teas were rich and flavorful. I definitely felt a mild sense of calmness after a cup, but I can attribute some of that to the soothing ritual of steeping and slowly sipping the tea.

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Photo by Lauren Diaz

If you’re looking for a luxury tea experience, then these bags are worth considering and come in a wide range of flavors. It’s a little expensive for the amount of servings you get. But you’re also buying an infused product.

I wouldn’t necessarily buy this solely for its CBD content, as each cup has about 12.5 mg of CBD. However it’s a nice way to wind down before bed without the caffeine of black tea.

Rating: 5/5 Emeralds

Is it Worth it?

These products are definitely worth a try, especially if you’re interested in luxury CBD-infused coffee and tea. There are more affordable options on the market.

Willie Nelson Has a New Hemp-based Business Rival

Willie Nelson has never hidden his love for CBD and CBD-based products. In fact, he has opened his own wellness line called Willie’s Remedy. It features extra-strength coffee and hemp oil tinctures for everyone who wants to buy it.

Image from Willie Nelson’s official Facebook page

But he should watch out! A new mogul has entered the business. Tycoon and music icon Jay-Z has officially joined the cannabis business too!

Willie’s Remedy

Willie’s Remedy is the first expansion of Willie’s Reserve line of cannabis. In 2015, the couple had introduced hemp-based health and wellness products.

via Rolling Stone

It taps into various licensed cultivators and farmers for their legal, medical, and adult-use cannabis products.

“The Willie’s Remedy line is a purposeful departure from Willie’s Reserve. It’s not about getting high. But it’s still all about Willie and the benefits we believe cannabis has to offer. Willie and I are proud to offer quality, American-sourced hemp wellness options for people of his generation, our kids’ generation, and everyone in between.”

A press release allowed Nelson to express his reasoning behind his products.

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“Hemp production in America was stifled for so long. But it could now make all the difference for small independent farmers. Hemp isn’t just good for our farmers and our economy, it’s good for our soil, our environment, and our health.”

Jay Z’s Partnership

You can’t commend this man for his hustle. Mogul and superstar Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter has now entered the cannabis industry. He partners with Caliva, a California company, as their chief brand strategist. Carter spoke about his recent business venture.

via Jay-Z’s Official Instagram Account/Rappler

“Anything I do, I want to do correctly and at the highest level. With all the potential in the cannabis industry, Caliva’s expertise and ethos make them the best partner for this endeavor.”

Jay-Z joins Nelson, Whoopi Goldberg, Martha Stewart, Montana, and Snoop Dogg as part of a growing list of celebrities who not only have endorsed the usage of cannabis but have also jumped into the cannabis business in recent years.

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